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Tips to Help Look Your Age

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Don’t you hate it when you are offered a kids menu at restaurants? What about getting carded at bars? Or even worse, at an R rated movie: something that happened to me last Saturday- twice! I don’t know about you, Collegiettes™, but I’ve had it with all of this nonsense. For all of you who have the same, frustrating problem of looking exceptionally younger than you are, here is a guide to look your age and make sure no one offers you a virgin daiquiri ever again.

1. Start with your eyes. Make-up is a lifesaver when it comes to looking older, so if you don’t wear any this is a great time to start. In order to get a more refined look, darken the creases of your lids. The illusion that your eyes have lots of depth adds years to your look, and really contrasts your typical “cute” with a more sophisticated “sultry”. Use a neutral color, such as a universally flattering gold shadow all over your lids, and then use dark brown or black shadow in your outer corners (side ways ‘V’s) and especially in your creases. Finish off this step with a thick and glamorous coat of black mascara. 2. Next comes your hair. Long and smooth is a nice look, but unfortunately it could come off as high school-esque. Instead, try a layered or textured cut. Stylists often use razors on more sophisticated and chic styles in order to give more body, bounce, and dimension to your hair. Also, bangs are a bold way of highlighting the curves of your face as well as your smoky eyes you just made up! 3. Almost there- finally its time for your wardrobe. Wearing clean-cut lines and fitted items are an absolute must in order to not only look your age, but also to look professional (when necessary). Garments like fitted blazers and creased crops for the start of the summer are great at accentuating the natural, beautiful shape of your body. You will definitely make a more mature impression with these super feminine shapes and styles.

Note: Now that summer is right around the corner, we all are looking forward to soaking up those beautiful sunshiny rays. I know that the point here is to look older but I’m positive wrinkles aren’t the way to go! Make sure that every time you are out in the sun, you’ve got SPF that protects both UVA and the more harmful UVA rays slathered on to preserve your young looking skin- in this case it’s a definite plus!

That’s all for now, collegiettes™. I hope this helps and the reach for your ID becomes much less frequent. Good luck on finals and have a wonderful summer!