Throwback Lunches

Now that we all have (hopefully) survived midterms, we need time to re-coop and recover. What better way to do that than by returning to simpler, happier times with some of the best nostalgia-inducing lunches ever?

Pizza Lunchables

Nothing is more of a throwback than PIZZA LUNCHABLES! You can now make a Homemade Gluten-Free equivalent of Pizza Lunchables (Vegan, Allergy-Free, Grain-Free) by following the recipe found here.This may be a major healthy upgrade, but it will still give you those nostalgic feels!

Kid Cuisine

You knew you were going to have a blast when you saw this on the dinner table. Even though much time has passed since you last had Kid Cuisine (or maybe not), this fun microwaveable dinner served in a bright blue tray was not only filling but entertaining. I absolutely loved opening the packet full of multi-colored sprinkles and spilling it into the pudding. You can still get Kid Cuisine dinners at your local Walmart, so snatch 'em up.

Dunkaroo Dip

Craving some good ol' Dunkaroo Dip? Look no further than this recipe, which only requires three ingredients and three minutes of your time. 

Minute Maid Juice Bars

Literally, the best summer snack of my childhood. Minute Maid Juice Bars were a favorite for blistering summer afternoons at the local pool or family gatherings with little ones screaming in the background. You can still get juice bars at either your local Target or Walmart. 

Mini Ice Cream

Ice cream was always better served cold and mini. Chocolate or vanilla, you’d pick your favorite and eat it with a small wooden spoon. Our favorite sweet treat at lunchtime.

Smiley Tots

These fun-loving pals were the best lunchtime companions. Smiley Tots, which will forever have a place in every former child's heart, can also be made at home! If you have access to a kitchen and have a lot of room and equipment, go ahead and follow Spoon University's easy-to-follow recipe found here.

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

You were pretty freaking cool if you ate Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets back in the day. These filling and satisfying dinnertime companions of your childhood can be found in the frozen food aisle in your local Target or Walmart.


You literally do not have a childhood if you didn't have a Handi-Snack at least once. This iconic snack, which you can still get on Amazon or in your local Target and Walmart, is a simple and quick snack that you get you through anything.  

Trix Yogurt

Trix aren't just for kids! Just like the Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets, you knew you were a super cool kid if you had Trix Yogurt in your lunchbox. You can still get this yogurt from your childhood at your local Walmart or Shoprite!  


Enjoy some throwback lunches this coming week!