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Three Types of College Dating and the Dating Apps for Them

In college, many people are looking for different things in life, and that’s ok! Here are the top three dating apps and the best way to utilize them for your needs.


Tinder: The Hookup

This dating app is a great place for the most casual of dating experiences: hookups. While you might be able to find some great guys on Tinder, chances are you’ll mostly encounter f*ckboys who just want to bang. If that’s what you’re looking for then great! That means Tinder is the dating app for you. But if you’re looking for something more than that you might want to check elsewhere. (This holds true at least if you are a woman trying to date men; other women might have better luck on Tinder!)

If you are looking for another woman, Tinder does have options for you, but unfortunately, it will also be many couples looking for a third person for their threesome. Not the best option for queer women. Sometimes, the women “interested” in other women just need the occasional break from guy profiles (because let’s be honest, guy profiles are usually… not great but that’s a different article).


Bumble: The “Situationship”

Bumble is great because women get to message first. That means, for women trying to date men, you get a second chance to decide if you really wanted to match with them or if you’ve made a horrible mistake. It also gives women looking to date men more control over the start of the conversation.

For women looking to date other women, either one can message first! But generally, people are on Bumble to find “situationships” or relationships that are not necessarily exclusive but are more than just a hookup. The amount of women looking for other women is definitely more than Tinder, and since Bumble has two other options (strictly friendship and a networking option), there is less ambiguity. If you have both men and women options on, you will still see more men than women, but it is more even than Tinder.


Coffee Meets Bagel: The Relationship

Coffee Meets Bagel is the most serious of these dating apps. Women looking for long-term relationships with men will probably have the best luck on this app. This is commonly the app used for those looking for commitment and settling down.

It is definitely one of the more helpful dating apps for those looking for a relationship because Coffee Meets Bagel knows that dating apps are difficult and not very natural. It also encourages users to meet in real life! Go on an actual date! There is much thought put behind this app to make it a better experience for women (regardless of sexual preference) as long as you are looking for something long term.

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