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The Fifth Harmony Renaissance + Who NEEDS to be Next

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Guess who’s back? Fifth Harmony! Well,… kinda! If you’re not living under a rock (just kidding), you’ve probably seen TikTok sensation Noah Miller making waves with Fifth Harmony’s “All In My Head (Flex).” You know, the one that goes, “flex, time to impress…” Yup, that gem! The song has been blowing up on social media, catching the attention of everyone from the band. Well, everyone except Normani (not yet, at least). It has since tripled it’s recent streams and has become a TikTok favorite. This “renaissance”, as it has been termed, has me thinking about others who deserve their second shot in the limelight.

First up, Little Mix! Okay, so they’re still going strong, minus Jesy’s departure. But hold up, we’ve slept on some Little Mix bangers! Remember jamming to “Black Magic” with the windows down? Well, “Hair” by Little Mix? Slept. On. “He pushed me so far, now I’m on the edge, make him disappear” ᅳ those are some serious bars. Little Mix needs to be TikTok’s next big thing, and I won’t rest until “Hair” gets its moment. They helped shape Gen Z into the confident, unbothered bunch we are (for better or for worse)!

Next, the random one, but my people will get it: Kesha needs a revival! The queen of club music, grunge, and being unapologetically HOT. “TiK ToK,” “Your Love Is My Drug,” “Die Young” ᅳ absolute gems. Kesha transports me to Florida summers, night swims, and beach trips. We don’t just want Kesha back, we NEED her back. She’s still pulling in 20M+ monthly streams, so let’s crank that up!

Last but not least, the one and only: One Direction. Ah, the days of being a proud Directioner, dreaming of marrying Niall or Harry. They’re all smashing it solo, but there are so many 1D hits ready to blow up on TikTok and remind us why we loved them. From love ballads to party hits, their range is unreal. But let’s give some love to the not-so-mainstream hits like “Stockholm Syndrome,” “More than This,” and “What A Feeling.” Maybe this could even spark the reunion we all secretly crave!

There are tons more artists itching for a revival, but I’m excited to see who else blows up overnight on TikTok. Social media is a wild ride, and I’m here for the nostalgia. 2024 is totally the new 2014!

Who else do you think deserves their revival this year?

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