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Sitcoms have a special place in my heart. I am a rom-com-lover and a hopeless romantic through and through. I am a sucker for everything mushy gushy, so that makes me certified in ranking the top five (in my humble opinion) sitcom couples to bless our television screens.

WARNING: there are some spoilers, so proceed with caution!


Starting off strong we have: Phil and Claire Dunphy from “Modern Family”.This is a recent binge of mine, hence them being top of the list.

Phil oozes golden retriever energy! His love for magic and his desire to constantly keep Claire feeling loved and swooned with his extravagant holiday gifts and his alter-ego, Clive Bixby, are just a few of his fun quirks. He is what golden retriever men want to be!

Claire is the spitting image of a black cat character. She is a strong, passionate CEO mom who always finds a way to put everyone else before her. Although she is reluctant to participate in all of Phil’s many shenanigans, she ends up having the best time even just being present. They are the perfect balance and they are the perfect black cat and golden retriever couple.

Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawerence from “boy meets world”

Second on the list is an OG couple. You may know them as the parents in “Girl Meets World” which aired on Disney but I know them as Cory and Topanga from “Boy Meets World”. Cory and Topanga grew up together as frenemies before confessing their love for each other, becoming each other’s first everything. Eventually, Topanga proposes to Cory at graduation. It doesn’t get more iconic than that!

Gregory and janine from “aBBOTT ELEMENTARY”

Third up on the list is a fairly newcomer to the sitcom genre, but holds a special place in my heart now, especially since one of the actresses in the sitcom is our very own Scarlet Knight. A “will they won’t they” even though we all knew they would, but then they didn’t! I’m still not over it. 

I am both empowered by Janine’s choice to pick herself and devastated by heartbroken Gregory. They gave the wholesomeness of friends and the devotedness of lovers in a friends-to-lovers trope. Since they are a newer couple added to the sitcom couple list, I have hope for them to climb the rankings as their platonic-ish relationship continues.


The fourth and almost final couple-up is an office romance that is sickening. The way Jim loved her even though she was engaged, and he still roped her in with his wittiness, is the sweetest thing ever! This is the office romance that corporate girlies dream of. Jim is truly enthralled by Pam and gives hope to those who are friend-zoned that maybe if that person is engaged and calls off their engagement, they’ll have a chance (but I wouldn’t put all of your eggs in that basket).


I had to end it with a bang because this couple could truly never be topped. It would not be a top 5 sitcom couple list if I didn’t add them. 

Nick and Jess are the reason I became so heavily invested in sitcoms. They give every aspect of what you’d want from a sitcom couple. You have the romance, the humor, and even a touch of seriousness when they finally kiss halfway through season 2 (which gets me every time). 

I see some of myself in Jess and I see some of my boyfriend in Nick so I think that also adds to why they have such a special place in my heart. If you want that classic warm and fuzzy rom-com relationship feel, with way more humor and chaos, I urge you to watch “New Girl” immediately if you haven’t already (after finishing my article).

These couples all give me a sense of comfort and I realize that some people’s classics like Monica and Chandler or Lily and Marshall didn’t make it to the list. I sincerely apologize but I also highly recommend you make your own ranking. It might surprise you what you discover through analyzing your favorite sitcom couples. I sure learned a lot about myself.

Jadyn Berrian

Rutgers '25

Hi! I'm a junior at Rutgers majoring in Journalism & Media studies. I love trying new foods (I am vegetarian though) and I absolutely love sitcoms (my favorite is New Girl hands down).