Thanksgiving Outfits for Heavy Eating

Don’t choose between looking cute or gorging yourself. BE A GIRL WHO CAN DO BOTH. Here are some outfit suggestions we have to help you out!


Can’t get any more comfortable than leggings! They stretch, they’re soft, and look good with almost anything!! Get the pair shown here.



If you’re hosting your own Friendsgiving or attending a family get together, I’m sure you’ll want to look good for the incessant amount of selfies and group pics that wise arise from the occasion. A simple long sleeve T-shirt dress like this is the solution!. Pair it with a cute cardigan or vest and a cozy scarf along with booties or riding boots and you’re set! You’re sure to be comfortable and you can eat away. Get the dress shown here.


Oversized Sweaters

To match with your leggings, oversized sweaters are key to hiding that growing food baby (and keep it growing)! The more oversized, the more comfy you will be after stuffing yourself. Throw a statement necklace on and BOOM. Stylish AND comfy. Bonus: You’re so cozy, you’ll be ready for that food coma snooze right after! Get the sweater shown here.



Bodycon Tops & Dresses



Remove while eating (but ok when not eating!). You aren’t trying to turn it into a bib!

Long, draping sleeves

These are gorgeous any other day, but you don’t want to risk trailing them into the gravy, trust me!!

Skinny Jeans & Belts

I mean, when I go into Thanksgiving, I’m trying to put myself into a food coma, so if you’re not, then I guess you can wear these.


Photo Source: Pexels