Surprising Foods You Didn't Know Were Vegan!

Who said being vegan had to be healthy and boring?

Here are some vegan products to prove the naysayers wrong!

1. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

These are the ONLY Doritos that are vegan, so stock up!


2. Sun Noodle Miso Ramen

This is a simple but delicious fresh ramen that is vegan! You can find it at Hmart which also has other flavors as well (make sure to check the ingredients of other flavors). You can add your own toppings to create an almost authentic bowl of ramen that is also good for the environment.


3. Oreos

Vegans too can enjoy an ice cold glass of (almond/coconut/soy/cashew/etc)milk with their oreos!


4. Cinnamon Rolls

Surprisingly, most cinnamon rolls that come in the can form tend to be vegan! You can have your bun and your icing as well.


5. Off-Brand Items

Many times off brand items of your favorite product may in fact be vegan!


*Disclaimer: This foods are completely vegan but do have preservatives and MSG, so keep that in mind! Also always check the ingredient list when looking at variations and different brands of products



All images from Giphy