Spring Break 2018 Travel Essentials and Hacks

Spring break is just around the corner! Take some time to make sure you have these travel essentials packed in your bag, followed by some great tips and tricks for traveling that will make your trip even better!

Travel Essentials


Waterproof Jacket

Walking Shoes

Insect Repellent



Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Tide stick


Mini first aid kit


Aloe vera gel


For overseas: an adapter



Feminine hygiene products

Water bottle

Travel Hacks for a better trip


Traveling Hacks

Wear your largest pair of shoes while your traveling and carry your smaller shows in your bag.


Make your luggage more unique for when picking it up by getting cute luggage tags. Source


Wear tighter-fitting clothes in order to avoid getting picked to get patted down at security checks.


Packing Hacks

Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothing smelling fresh throughout your trip.


Roll your clothes rather than folding them into your suitcase.  


Place your socks inside of your shoes to create more space.


If you’re traveling by plane, bring as little as you can. Pack pieces of clothing that can be paired in multiple ways and one or two pairs of shoes that work with any of your potential outfits.


Organization Hacks

Preset your outfits by placing them in plastic bags with labels  (Monday, Tuesday, etc)


Put your phone in a sandwich bag when out at the beach, waterpark, lake, etc to make your phone suddenly waterproof!

Leave your headache at home and use a pill organizer as a storage for your jewelry.


Use this straw hack!