Spice Up Your Makeup This Autumn With This Overlooked Color

When fall rolls around, most people think pumpkin flavored everything, cozy sweaters, and shades of maroon, orange, and mustard yellow. So it’s no surprise that most makeup looks and trends employ these shades when applying makeup- from a deep red lipstick to a warm orange smokey eye. However, people typically overlook using brown during the Autumn months. Usually, a brown smokey eye is the only experimentation people play around with when it comes to incorporating the shade. But I think the color is a great shade to use during the fall and can add a different dash of spice than the usual go-to colors.

Here are some ways to incorporate brown into your daily makeup routine:

Brown Eyeliner

Almost everyone uses black eyeliner on a daily basis, but if you’re looking to create a softer, smoked out eye look, brown eyeliner is a great product to use to achieve that. The shade doesn’t come off as intense and bold as black. You can use a gel eyeliner or pencil to and then smudge it to get the soft smoky look. If you still want the same precision of a winged liner, then you can opt for a brown liquid liner. If you have brown eyes this is a great way to really make them pop!  


Brown Blush

When people think blush, I’m sure brown is the last color they’re thinking of. It’s all about the pinks, corals, and peaches. I admit, even I myself tend to opt for a rosy blush look to give my cheeks a natural flush. However, I recently discovered brown blush and I’ve been obsessed with it! Not to fear, it won’t look like a bronzer or contour situation gone wrong. When applied to the apple of the cheeks and brought up slightly to the sides of the face, along the cheekbones, it gives the most beautiful natural sun-kissed look to the face. It leaves you looking healthy and glowing like you just took a stroll on the beach. As long as the shade is a warm tone brown, it looks subtle on the skin and even when built up doesn’t leave you looking like a muddy mess. My favorite is the Burt’s Bees blush in Toasted Cinnamon. It’s super soft and creamy and blends out easily on the skin. The blush gives your skin a beautiful sheen and glow to it that’s still very natural. I love how subtle and healthy it looks and I find it’s a more natural flush than a pink blush.

Shannon Chin

Brown Lipstick

If you really want to rock a statement lip this fall, instead of predictable deep red, opt for a brown lipstick instead! One awesome perk of ditching the red lipstick is you don’t need to take the time to apply lip liner to prevent feathering and it won’t stain your lips. When you need to run out the door but still want to look like you spent an hour on makeup, brown lipstick is your bold mess-free friend. Not only will it become your new unproblematic fave, but you’ll also love how sultry it makes you look. The lip color easily dresses up your whole look and ties everything together. While you may have left the brown crayon untouched in the box of crayons for being boring it definitely makes a statement on the lips. My absolute all-time favorite brown lipstick (pictured above) is the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Covet. It’s the most beautiful chocolate brown perfect for the Autumn months. I love how smoothly it applies and it’s super comfortable to wear.


So step back from all the pumpkin spice orange and apple red and give brown some love this fall!