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When you think of Rutgers, you immediately think of the infamous Rutgers buses. Rutgers buses are an important method of transportation on campus for students, teachers, and personnel. With over 70 buses operating on various paths throughout the day, the Rutgers transportation system is a fast and cost-effective method to get around campus. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the method, it can be perplexing and intimidating to navigate. 

Here are some tips to remember when taking Rutgers buses:

Transloc App

Make sure you know which path you need to take before boarding a Rutgers vehicle. Rutgers buses run on various lines that stop multiple places on campus and in the nearby New Brunswick region, all of which are displayed on the Transloc app. I highly recommend downloading this app to get real-time bus locations and arrival times, as it shows you a map of where each bus is and when they will arrive at your closest bus stop. It also tells you how full the bus is so you can decide if you want to wait for the next bus. 

Time Management

Being at Rutgers taught me how to manage my time. I recommend leaving 45-60 minutes before your class unless they’re back-to-back. The busiest times are during class-changing periods and typical weekday rush hours, causing lots of traffic and crowded buses. You might be unable to make it on the first bus and have to wait for the next one.

First Come, First Serve

Don’t be that person that says, “I’m saving this seat for a friend.” That’s now how it works around here. Seats are not always guaranteed, and you are lucky if you get one. It’s a luxury most times.

Check Before You Sit

You might’ve seen people touch the seats before they sit. Well, that is due to the bus ventilation system; water can sometimes drop onto the seats, especially during the spring and warmer days when the air conditioning is on. I had to learn this the hard way and once experienced water leaking on my head. 

Bus Hacks

If you’re coming from Busch or Livingston and need to get to the Student Activity Center (SAC) on College Ave during rush hour, just get off at the College Ave Student Center and walk across Brower Commons Dining Hall/Stonier Hall. It’s so much faster than waiting to get off at the SAC stop because it’s the last stop on those routes. The traffic after the Yard during rush hour can be up to 15 minutes. 

The Rutgers buses can be intimidating for many, especially if you’re new to the campus. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines such as respecting other passengers, making sure you’re at the bus stop 5 minutes before arrival, and following the Transloc app for up-to-date bus tracking, I guarantee you’ll be able to adjust!

Kaylin Jiang

Rutgers '23

Kaylin is a senior at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. She is currently majoring in Communications in Public Relations. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and cooking.
Jenna Park is a current junior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick double majoring in Journalism & Media Studies and Sociology with a minor in Korean. She enjoys outdoor activities and takes photographs during her free time.