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Repping Your Political Stance: Outfit Ideas For A Political Badass

Style can be considered a reflection of an individual’s personality. In fact, individuals often gain a perception of a stranger based on how the stranger is dressed. For example, a person wearing all black, and a trench coat with combat boots and choker may be judged as “goth” or a girl in a long, flowing, loose dress with bold flowers wearing a flower crown may be perceived as “hippie”. While this is not always the case, the way an individual dresses can sometimes be an indicator of their personality. They can also be reflective of our political ideologies. Since the midterm elections are coming up on November 6, 2018, it is important for us to vocalize our beliefs and advocate for change by voting. Here are some outfits ideas for girls to wear to the polling booths (or around campus) that show what a badass you are!

The Feminist


If you’re a girl who strongly believes in girl power then this t-shirt ($6) is perfect for you. Girls need to stick together.f you’d like to showcase that in your day to day life, then pair this t-shirt with black leggings, a skirt, or jeans!

The Steminist


If you support the STEM fields, then show your support by pairing this $34 “NASA” t-shirt ($34) to create a vintage look. Unlike the previous look, with this style, you are being subtle yet firm with your beliefs. You can wear the shirt as an oversized tee or tuck it into a full-length skirt and belt for a vintage look.

The Ideal Citizen


What’s a better shirt to wear while going to the polls on November 6, 2018? This shirt ($14.97) emphasizes the importance of voting. At Her Campus Rutgers, we really advocate voting; if you are able to vote in the United States, please use that right to voice your opinions. You can pair this shirt with a class denim jacket and comfy leggings so you can be the ideal citizen in style.

One With The Earth


This cute palm tree dress ($12.90) is a very subtle way to share your love for the environment and concern for global warming. I am sure that while wearing this outfit, you will receive a ton of compliments. As you reply to those compliments with a gracious thank you, add on the importance of being kind to Mother Earth.

Regardless of your style, be sure that you visit the polls on November 6, 2018. Don’t miss the voter registration deadline which is October 16, 2018.  The outfits above are just a glimpse of the endless possibilities of ways you can incorporate your beliefs in your daily life. Whether you are a feminist, a STEM-inist, an activist, or an environmentalist or whatever-ist, don’t be afraid to voice your beliefs.

Hannah Javed

Rutgers '19

Senior Editor at Her Campus Rutgers with a love for salads, pizza and bright lights.
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