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Recap of the Meet Your Match Collaboration With Rutgers E-Sports

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Her Campus Rutgers collaborated with Rutgers E-Sports to sponsor a destress night for all Rutgers students. The event included playing video games such as Smash, Overcooked 2, DDR, etc., free pizza, DIY aromatherapy, and facemasks. Rutgers E-Sports brings together gamers of all backgrounds to indulge themselves in competitive events related to gaming. In case you missed it, here's a recap of everything that happened!

  1. DIY Aromatherapy

The Her Campus Rutgers team set up an activity table that offered attendees the opportunity to create their own DIY aromatherapy diffuser using essential oils. Participants could choose from over 9 essential oil scents, ranging from tea tree oil to peppermint to eucalyptus. The DIY aromatherapy was a hit at the event. Many attendees enjoyed the scents and the ability to participate in an easy and quick DIY.

Photos by Hannah Javed

2. Face Masks

The Her Campus Rutgers team provided attendees with free face masks to use at the event or take home to try. Attendees had the opportunity to choose from a variety of different face masks. The event used sheet masks instead of clay masks because sheet masks offer easy cleanup. Many of the attendees commented that they had never tried sheet masks but love the ease, affordability, and flexibility of using a sheet mask. It was an incredible opportunity to introduce first-time users to the benefits of using a face mask to destress after a long day.

Photos by Keoni Nguyen and Hannah Javed

3. Games For Gamers and Non-Gamers

The Rutgers E-Sports team brought many monitors, games, and other equipment to host multiple gaming stations. Attendees had the opportunity to play many different games such as Smash, Overcooked 2, DDR/Stepmania 2, Jack-box, and more! There was a bracket of doubles for Smash in which a member of E-Sports had to team up with a member of Her Campus Rutgers to compete with another team in a game of smash. The winning team won Starbucks gift cards.

This was a great opportunity for non-gamers (like myself) to be introduced to the fun and challenge of playing games. I teamed up with one of the Directors of E-Sports for the tournament and had so much fun playing Smash! As someone who has never played Smash before, I was surprised by how competitive and challenging the game was. I will definitely be playing Smash again.


(Senior Editor Hannah Javed playing Smash)


Photos by Rutgers E-Sports

4. Pizza

Last but not least, the event offered free pizza. Since the event took place pretty late (around 9 pm), both organizations felt it would be ideal to offer attendees some sort of dining option. Attendees enjoyed the experience of indulging themselves in pizza as they applied face-masks. Isn’t that the best way to de-stress, after all?

Photo by Keoni Nguyen


Overall, the event was successful in bringing together the Rutgers community. The turnout included members of the Rutgers E-Sports team, Her Campus Rutgers members, and Rutgers University students. It was a wonderful experience to be able to collaborate with a fellow Rutgers organization and introduce the Rutgers community to Her Campus Rutgers. If you were not able to attend this event, don’t worry as we have many more events planned for the semester!

Hannah Javed

Rutgers '19

Senior Editor at Her Campus Rutgers with a love for salads, pizza and bright lights.
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