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Rain or Shine with Chris Sheridan

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Rain or shine, Chris Sheridan has got your back. This class of 2012 Meteorology major made the sky his limit in his endeavor to be the next big face of broadcast weather reporting.  In the meantime, Chris is getting some practice as a member of Rutgers Weather Watchers, broadcasted on RU-TV. Before the taping of his usual Wednesday report, I stopped into the Weather Watchers Studio on Cook to watch Chris in action. I was greeted with his huge personality, as he was very professionally dressed in a suit and tie, standing in front of the green screen. Besides getting to do to what he loves, the most awesome thing about Weather Watchers, he says, is that sometimes he actually feels like a celebrity (hence Campus Celeb!) when people recognize him around campus. Before hopefully getting a job with a major network like Fox, NBC, or CBS, he explained how RU Weather Watchers is a great experience to start out with. Last summer he actually interned with ABC in the city where he was thrown into the industry. When the regular meteorologist called in late, Chris was eager to get on screen, but unfortunately the situation didn’t lead to an on-air experience. Even so, working with ABC got Chris a lot of “intense, awesome experience” as you can see in the photo. Essentials he says for the T.V. industry are charisma and tons of personality. So when it comes to Chris, neither comes up short. After he graduates, Chris hopes for a job offer at any of his internships, but if not, he plans on working with the National Weather Service, or Accuweather to start off his career.