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Rain and Rutgers; Essentials to survive rainy weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Let’s get real, rain and college don’t mix.  But don’t let the miserable weather ruin your day.  Make your effort to look cute for class worthwhile with a few rainy-day essentials.  With these must-haves, you will arrive to class as the driest, happiest, and most stylish.
1.     Rain boots- Target
You can’t go wrong with these rain boots from Target.  With prices low enough to fit into a college-studen
t’s budget, you won’t regret adding these to your rainy-day wardrobe. These boots’ prices range from $17.48 to $24.99 and come in more than 150 designs. 

2.     Rain JacketGap
This fashionable and functional rain jacket comes in 2 colors, navy and pink.  With pockets, a h
ood, and style, you are sure to look good in the rain while wearing this piece.

3.     Umbrellaartscow.com
Make sure no one on campus has the same umbrella as you as you design your own umbrella.


4.     Rain bootsDIY
Design your own rain boots to really stand out in the rain.  Buy plain, rubber rain boots (Walmart, $23.09), acrylic paint, and a paintbrush to create your own rainy-day statement.

5.     UmbrellaVera Bradley
Chose among the many classic Vera Bradley designs.  Never go out of style while carrying one of these umbrellas above your head.

6.     Rain jacketThe North Face
Make sure you stay dry with The North Face’s women’s Resolve Jacket. This jacket comes
in white, magenta and light blue.

7.     UmbrellaAmazon.com
This clear bubble umbrella will guarantee that you stay dry.  Find these practical umbrellas on Amazon for under $20.

Olivia is an editorial assistant at The Record, New Jersey’s second largest daily newspaper and contributing writer for GoKicker.com. She’s a former BBC Travel intern and a proud Rutgers alum. She studied journalism, media studies, and English at Rutgers, where she was managing editor of the daily student newspaper and founding Campus Correspondent of HerCampus.com/Rutgers . She was also on the rowing and triathlon teams. Dogs, summer, and DIY projects are up there on the list of her much-loved things in life. Follow: @OlivePretzel.