Quick Tips for the Career Fair

Photo Source: Pexels

The Spring Mega Fair and other Career Fairs are just around the corner! Here are some reminders and tips regardless if this is your first or millionth time! The sooner you check these points off, the better you’ll be! Make this a career fair, not a career fail.



If you don’t have a resume, grab a template from anywhere online (the business school one looks very professional) and start filling it out. If you are a freshman, you can add some high school accomplishments, but after freshman year, you should only have college-related activities on your resume. You can add in some useful classes you are taking, skills you have, clubs you’re in, or volunteer opportunities you’ve done. The Office of Career Management has resume critiquing which really polishes your resume. So don’t worry about how your resume looks, just put down key points, and resume editors will help you find the perfect action verb and craft a beautiful resume. Once your resume is set, print out at least 20 copies and store them in a padfolio with a pen and extra paper for notes.



If you do not have a suit, buy one or borrow someone’s but make sure you are very, very similar sizes. You want to look professional. Make sure your heels aren’t too high (because you will be walking and on your feet the entire time), or flats are fine too! Makeup is up to you, but keep it natural for the fair, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your features, but don’t let makeup overpower (on any other day… go for the glitter!!), let your radiance shine. First impressions make a huge impact.


Elevator Pitch

When you meet recruiters, you need to have something to say to them, and think of this as an introduction of yourself and what you are looking for. You don’t have to go crazy on the pitch since recruiters will not remember every word (they are meeting hundreds of people in those few hours), so just do your best to be memorable even if you are “the girl who is afraid of bees” or something a little odd but memorable.

Also take this time to get to know about positions and the companies that you are interested in. You have the recruiter standing in front of you so they can answer questions on the spot instead of looking at a static website and waiting for an email back.



After the career fair, make sure email the recruiters that belong to the company that you are interested in. Bring up your little experience together (“girl who is afraid of bees”) to jog their memory, and thank them for taking the time to come to the fair and speaking with students. Make sure to keep in touch with them about future opportunities if you are not old enough to qualify for positions presently.


Career fairs can be big and intimidating, but as long as you are prepared, you can work it to your advantage and also snag some fun goodies while you’re at it!