Productive Ways to Spend Your Winter Break

Is it just me, or did I blink and ended up in December? This semester is quickly coming to a close and deadlines are here today and gone tomorrow. Finals will be over before you know it, and you’ll hopefully have some more free time to pursue some activities or hobbies you enjoy. Feel free to take as much time you need to destress from the challenging online semester you just endured and overcame, and when you’re ready, jump back in and get busy with any one of these mentally- and physically-productive activities.

  1. 1. Start studying (again)

    If you have any intentions on applying to a graduate program, you might need to take a test such as the GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT to submit with your application. As a student graduating with an accounting degree at the end of this semester, I will be spending my winter break preparing to sit for the CPA exams next year. It won’t be the most exciting way to spend my month-long break before grad school, but I’ll be thankful I did come exam time.

  2. 2. Apply for jobs/internships/scholarships

    Winter break is the perfect time to update your resume, adding any leadership experience you gained during the semester and updating your GPA. Check out Handshake for potential summer jobs or internships. If you don’t have a Linkedin already, create one and get connecting. Also, take some time to apply for scholarships that can help support your academic career.

  3. 3. Learn to cook/bake

    I can’t be the only one whose appetite increases in the winter. With the free time you have, pick up a cookbook or watch some YouTube videos and explore new recipes. Experiment with healthy recipes in anticipation of your New Year's resolution. Bake some holiday cookies, or even prepare a meal for your family. They’ll be grateful you showed initiative, whether your dish is good or not.

  4. 4. Start a blog...or write for Her Campus

    It can be difficult to find time during the semester to gather your thoughts into words, but with a month long break approaching, the time is coming. Use writing as a creative outlet and start your own blog based on your interests, whether that be fashion, beauty, gaming, whatever. If your chapter posts articles over break, ask to have your work published.

  5. 5. Create an exercise routine

    Take some time this break to focus on your wellbeing by exercising. YouTube has an endless amount of routines you can copy or combine to make your own routine. Get your friends and family in on the fun and do a dance workout together. I’ve been meaning to test out this One Direction 15-Minute Dance Party Workout, and I have every intention of trying this during break virtually with my friend Vanessa.

Winter break is the perfect opportunity to catch up on things you didn’t have the time to do during the semester. I hate to say it, but the spring semester will be here before we know it. Take advantage of your time this break, rest up, and take care of yourself. Make the most of it.