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Tips for the Best Eras Tour Inspired Halloween Costumes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

If you were one of the lucky ones and made it in the 2% of people that got tickets to the Eras Tour, you might be thinking of how to incorporate Taylor’s style into your Halloween costume this year. From TikTok videos to Twitter threads, everyone is unleashing their best outfits to honor this tour. Check out some creative ways to pay tribute to the Eras Tour this Halloween!

1. Debut & Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Debut and Fearless are categorically country albums, the former far more country than the latter. For Debut, don’t be afraid to go all out with anything country! From cowboy boots to cowboy hats to fall flannels, Debut is all things country music and deserves to be dressed for the same. (Bonus points if you wear blue to match the color theme of Debut!)

Fearless is a blend of country and fairytale. White, beige, gold or silver shimmery dresses have been popular choices for this era. Couple these with cute shimmery or country boots to finish off the final look, and you could even curl your hair to match the infamous curly haired Taylor that went with this era! Oh, and a quick reminder… she also infamously wrote ’13’ on the back of her hand!

Outfit Idea Example for the Debut Era.
Outfit idea example for the Fearless era.

2. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

Speak Now is one of our favorite eras of all time for so many different reasons! This era is encapsulated by a whimsical, innocent, enchanting fairytale theme. Purple is the main color scheme for this era so anything purple and fairytale-like goes!

Outfit Idea Example for the Speak Now Era.

3. Red (Taylor’s version)

Red is a heartbreak album, dominated by the color red. The original version of Red was a blend of country meets pop, with Taylor’s famous black fedora, white shirt, and black shorts becoming a fan favorite in the music video of ’22’. The Taylor’s version of the album on the other hand is a fall album, full of autumn leaves, beige trench coats, and the beautiful changing of seasons.

For the Red era, deck out in red dresses, tops, and jewelry.

Outfit Idea Example for the Red Era.

4. 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

1989 is the pop anthem album of the century! Think city girl, think pop perfection, think shimmery outfits, think all things fun, exciting, and full of life! For the 1989 era, deck yourself out in shimmery party girl outfits, experimenting with all types of lively colors, jewels, and accessories.

Outfit Idea Example for the 1989 Era.

5. Reputation

Known as Taylor’s comeback album, Reputation received record-breaking levels of recognition and critical acclaim. If you want to channel Taylor’s fierceness, here are some ideas inspired by this infamously rebellious era of discography. Bring on the velvet, leather, newspaper print, and snakeskin! Scroll through the “channeling reputation” Pinterest board we made below to access some beautiful black, white, and silver styles.

6. Lover

Calling all pastel color enthusiasts…Lover era fits your style impeccably! With a slew of rainbows, pinks, purples, hearts, and rhinestones, this album exudes self-love, positivity, and pure candy land vibes. Not only is each song loving, peppy, and happy, but the outfits are too! Bring out your inner romantic and check out some of the ideas in this “becoming a lover” Pinterest board.

7. Folklore & evermore

For those with a more minimalistic taste, Folklore and Evermore are the perfect sister albums to dress as for your night at the Eras Tour. Oozing with cottagecore and light academia moods, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy within this era. A flowing white dress, a lightweight cardigan, brown pants, and a natural color palette can all be found on the below “folklore forevermore” Pinterest board. If you’re aiming for some more specific themes, you can also find some ‘mirrorball’ and ‘cowboy like me’-inspired looks!

8. Midnights

Last, but certainly not least…we’ve arrived at Taylor’s most recent era, Midnights! “Bejeweled” is the buzz word for this album, represented by metallics, sparkles, stars, moons, excessive jewelry, and cool tones (primarily, deep blues, purples, and greens)! Embody Taylor’s late-night sleepless writing sessions with this “falling into midnights” Pinterest board!

Regardless of the album you choose to emulate this Halloween, be sure to have fun dressing up! We know that picking a theme and finding matching pieces can be a lot of work, so hopefully we helped narrow down some choices for you. We know you’ll have the best time honoring Taylor’s musical history.

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