Our Top Favorite Documentaries on Sustainability

In honor of Earth Day, we have decided to bring to light some of the best documentaries about sustainability.  What's awesome about documentaries, in general, is that you can feel so fulfilled and educated after taking the time out of your day to watch them. I like watching documentaries while I'm cleaning my room, planning my outfit for the day, and looking over my schedule for the week. Documentaries are also easy to pick up and watch if you can't finish the entire thing in one sitting. Why not watch give these great documentaries about  a wonderful cause a chance?

Food Inc

Have you ever been curious about where your food comes from? This documentary gives an overall view of the food industry, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is the documentary that converted my best friend to become a pescatarian, so it does have its more intense moments. Remember, knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss.


This documentary explores and explains how the consumption of meat is contributing to the deterioration of our planet. This documentary convinced me to eat more vegetarian and vegan meals because every meal does make an impact on the planet!

The True Cost

We don’t usually think about the environmental (as well as human) impact of our clothing purchases when we spend a day at the mall, but The True Cost definitely will. This documentary is an eye-opening journey that travels all around the world, from the slums to the runway, to capture the ugly and wasteful aspects of the fashion industry, which is fueled by demand.