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NYC meets New Brunswick: Bryce Diamond

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

She can’t decide. Take the time to check out some ancient artifacts and learn more about Jewish history or head back to her apartment to catch the newest episode of Real Housewives on Bravo? Bryce Diamond does not let the pending decision take too much time out of her day. She unquestionably picks the opportunity to learn more about her Jewish heritage—she has already seen every episode of every season of the ‘housewives’ anyways.

When not watching Bravo, Bryce can be found at the Rutgers Hillel or singing with the Jewish A Cappella Group on campus. Singing and interacting with people is what really inspires her, she said.

“I’m in like every group….just kidding,” Bryce said when asked how she knows so many people on campus. She says she chose to get involved with Hillel and the A Cappella group to meet people with similar interests.

You might not expect so much energy to fit into someone so petite. Despite her height, Bryce makes herself heard. Through her loud singing voice, her drive to teach future generations about their Jewish heritage, and talkative nature, Bryce is an active leader on campus. In the future, she sees herself as a prominent leader in the Jewish community, she said.

Coming from New York, New York, Bryce enjoys the many differences that New Brunswick offers from living in Manhattan. “College Ave. is a very tight knit community,” she said.

While she enjoys the friendlier atmosphere away from home, she still maintains her relationship with her mom, also her best friend.

“My inspiration is my mom,” Bryce said. “I call my mom, like 5 times a day but she never calls me because she doesn’t wants to ‘bother’ me,” she said with a smile.

This New York City girl is making the most of her time in New Brunswick, never hesitating to brighten up someone’s day. As her sick roommate walked in the door to say hello, not a second passes before Bryce offers some advice.

“Try some matzah, it will make you feel better.”