NJ Governor's Race Candidates

The Gubernatorial elections are getting closer every day so here is a brief guide to the candidates.

* Denotes someone who has not held elected office




Bill Brennen*

Activist and retired firefighter


$15/hour minimum wage, renewable energy and environmental protection, Marijuana legalization, ending the war on drugs, income inequality, standing up to governmental abuse, pension reform, repairing infrastructure, modernizing public transportation, campaign finance reform



Jim Johnson*

Former US Treasury official during Clinton Administration, former federal prosecutor in New York, and an attorney


Rebuilding the economy, reviving trust in the government, revitalizing our neighborhoods



Raymond Lesniak

Served in NJ State Senate since 1983, representing the 20th Legislative District


Animal protection, criminal justice reform, cutting waste in government spending, environmental protection, higher education, affordable housing, income inequality, LGBT rights, making New Jersey affordable, public education, public employee pension and healthcare benefits, reduce property taxes, women’s rights



Phil Murphy*

Former US Ambassador to Germany, former finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee, former Goldman Sachs banking executive


The “Murphy Economic Agenda,” getting tough on gun violence, making the economy work for all of us, ending the era of high-stakes testing, NJ Transit, putting our state’s finances back on track, creating a new retirement plan for employees of small businesses, supporting women’s rights, lowering the cost of college education, affordable and accessible home ownership, building a green economy and protecting our environment, healthcare, battling addiction, transportation infrastructure, LGBTQ equality, tearing down barriers to voting, protecting immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, investing in NJ, supporting working people



John Wisniewski

Served in New Jersey General Assembly since 1996 representing the 19th Legislative District, veteran attorney, former state Democratic Party chair


Affordable housing, fully funding k-12 education, tuition-free college, climate emergency, electoral reform, 100% pro-choice



Mark Zinna

Tenafly councilman


Legalizing marijuana, stopping Pilgrim Pipeline, political reform in NJ, healthcare reform, the pension problem, affordable college tuition, transportation






Jack Ciattarelli

Served in NJ General Assembly since December 2011, representing the 16th legislative district, former Somerset County freeholder, the owner of a medical publishing company, certified public accountant


School funding reform, tax reform, employee benefits reform, streamline government, bipartisan communication



Kim Guadagno

Lieutenant governor under Christie, former Monmouth County sheriff, former federal prosecutor


Audit Trenton, lower property taxes, improving education, growing jobs



Steven Rogers

Elected to Nutley, NJ Board of Commissioners (City Council), former advisor to the Trump campaign, former police officer, former


Term limits, national security, homeland security



Joseph Rullo*

Former member of Ortley Beach and Toms River First Aid Squads, former volunteer fireman, Ocean County College instructor


Reduce property taxes, protecting the second amendment, help for veterans, end current standardized testing, crackdown on illegal immigration, increase punishments for heroin dealers, employee pension and benefit reform



Hirsh Singh*

Executive in the aerospace and defense industry


Lower taxes, overhaul education, repair transportation and infrastructure, criminal justice reform, modernize drug laws, medical malpractice and tort reform




Third Parties and Independents:


Peter Rohrman*

Libertarian nominee, Infantry Platoon Sergeant in Marine Corps, director for large internet service provider for 10 years


Education reform, cut taxes and eliminate wasteful spending, end corporate welfare and bailouts, defend 2nd amendment, legalize marijuana and enact criminal justice reform



Seth Kaper-Dale*

Green Party nominee, Pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park


Women’s Rights, combat child hunger and homelessness, implement resources for undocumented immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, prison reform, Black Lives Matter, respect for all religions, especially Islam, LGBTQ rights and protections, environmental protection, fix public schooling, encouragement of unions and $15 minimum wage, gun control, tax reform



Jon Lancelot*

Independent candidate, formerly worked for defense contractor Lockheed Martin, political activist


Clean water initiatives, renewable energy economy, prison reform and mental health initiatives, workers pensions, tax relief, modernization of public transportation, public housing for NJ residents in need, single payer healthcare system, open primaries for all local, state, and federal elections



Information taken from candidates’ websites with some background information on candidates from: http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/04/your_guide_so_far_to_the_2017_nj_governors_race.html

Additional information about candidates can be found on individual candidates' websites

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons