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My Menstrual Cup Experience

There are so many good reasons to use a menstrual cup and yet so many women do not. I am here to add my story to potentially answer questions, quench fears, and encourage more people to try it out!

I started out pretty confidently because I was never afraid of tampons, but then ran into some trouble. I assumed that it would be easiest and cleanliest to insert the cup while in the shower. You are supposed to fold the cup to insert, and it will open naturally because of the way of the design.

I did the smallest squat ever (knees barely bent) and had difficulty inserting the cup in. 

On my third try, I did a deep squat, so that I was almost a little fetus, and managed to get the cup in. I will admit that that time, it hurt a little, and felt kinda foreign and odd. However, when I woke up the next morning, there was no mess! I was completely clean and dry. Removing the cup was pretty easy, I just slowly removed it, dumped out the contents, and finished my biz. Then I cleaned the cup in the closest water source near me (so bathtub), and let it dry.

I did not wear the cup during the day just because I was out for fore more than 12 hours. You have to take out the cup at least every 12 hours, and I wasn’t keen on washing out cup in a public because of hygienic reasons. If it was lazy Saturday and I was mostly at home, I would definitely use the cup instead of a pad.

The second night I used the menstrual cup, I’d say my body was more used to it than before, so I got it in first try (woohoo!). Again, I woke up and was shocked at how clean and dry I felt and didn’t wake up in a pool of my own blood. 

There are so many good reasons to try the menstrual cup and using it! If you want a compilation of some good reasons, check out this amazing article here. I personally think it is amazing for some clean comfortable sleep. And let’s be real, you don’t deserve an uncomfortable sleep, your life is already difficult enough.

You don’t have to switch fully! Adjust to your preference. 

Good luck!

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