Must-Read Webcomics

Webcomic Name

The comics aren’t exactly works of art, but they are super relatable filled with uncomfortable or awkward scenarios that we can all relate to.



Tiny Snek Comics

For some reason I always reference snek when working out, but that just proves that snek can be applied in everyday life.



My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

I find these personally relatable because I also have a giant nerd boyfriend.

Owlturd Comics

Looking for comics that literally describe your relationship with work/sleep/anxiety? Then these comics are for you.



Sarah’s Scribbles

These basically describe what it’s like to be a (slightly awkward) person. She also has books filled with her comics!



My Life as a Background Slytherin

Perfect for any Harry Potter fan.



C. Cassandra Comics

Her comics are relatable, especially for people who identify as women!