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Modeling a Dream: Misha Bernier

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Misha Bernier dreamt of becoming a model her entire life.  Little did she know, her dreams would turn into reality after waiting for hours on a line, forming outside of Rutgers Student Center last year, in the freezing cold. “I was on College Ave and I saw the line of people and I decided to stand on line and see what it was about,” Misha said.

Clinique, a renown makeup company, visited Rutgers last year to recruit beautiful college women for their Clinique’s Fresh Faces contest. Clinique makeup consultants gave free makeovers to anyone who was willing to wait on the line.  Misha waited patiently, like the many other Rutgers’ ladies that were eager to get beautified.

After getting her makeup done, she was entered into the contest.  From over 7,000 applicants,  Misha was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for Clinique’s Fresh Faces.  As a winner, Misha spent 3 days in the city, learning about the marketing of Clinique, touring the Teen Vogue office, in addition to exploring Teen Vogue’s Fashion Closet.  “The fashion closet is amazing!” Misha said. Her trip also included photo shoots in the hotel, in Times Square, and at a studio. “The photo shoots definitely solidified my idea of pursuing modeling,” Misha said. During the shoots, Misha dressed up in a variety of stunning outfits and was lucky enough to keep one of them. “I really enjoyed myself and I learned so much about the modeling and fashion industry,” she said. And if that didn’t sound awesome enough, Misha was also given tickets for her and a guest to see the Broadway musical, Wicked, and $1000 worth of Clinique makeup (which she still has.)  “And, I was featured in the April 2010 issue of Teen Vogue, and a few issues after that.” This past July, Misha met with Teen Vogue Beauty and Health Director, Eva Chen for an event sponsored by Clinque’s Fresh Faces and Macy’s. “I talked about my favorite Clinique products, signed autographs, which was pretty cool, and Eva gave tips on beauty. Also, girls got free makeovers, there were mocktails and little desserts. It was fabulous!” While her family and friends supported her at the event, Misha battles with the existing misconception about models.  Whether it is that they are unintelligent, rude, or shallow, Misha squashes all the stereotypes of models.  With dreams of opening a charter school, getting a graduate degree, becoming a millionaire and getting happily married, all within the next 10 years, Misha exemplifies a source of inspiration. “I see myself changing the world.  Sounds cliché, but its the truth. When I make my millions I’m going to give back and invest in the betterment of others,” Misha said. With such dreams of success, comes confidence.  In an industry where confidence is imperative, Misha stresses the importance of a positive self-image for all girls, regardless of their profession. “You have to be happy with yourself. Love and embrace yourself. There are a lot of messages we receive about what we should look like, but at the end of the day it’s about being healthy, exercising, and taking care of your body. We can change some things about out bodies and some things we can’t. Realizing this, is key,” Misha said. Misha is a model.  But she doesn’t just model the chicest clothes and accessories in the front of the camera.  She models the power of confidence, drive and self-esteem that all young women need to embrace.

Misha is a junior in the Schools of Arts and Sciences. She is majoring in Poltical Science, with a minor in Spanish.  She loves to play the piano, dance and read in her spare time.