Memes for Every Major

Psychology Memes

A fun psych-filled meme page to make you laugh! Find them here!


Math Memes

Who knew there were so many ways to make math more enjoyable. Find them on Mathematical Memes for Logarithmically Scaled Teens and Nondeterministic Memes for NP Complete Teens.




Economics Memes

Economics are important, as proven by how many meme pages there are for it. Here are some pages to give you variety: Elastic Economics Memes for Entrepreneurial Teens, Communist Memes, Sassy Socialist Memes, and Economics Memes.



Or for anyone who understands the struggles of matlab with Matlab Memes for Science and Engineering Teens.


Anyone looking to go into Medicine

Poorly Opposed Memes for Sugically-Inclined Teens

Organic Chemistry Memes *also related to Biology

Edgy IB Memes for Unproductive Teens

Computer Science

Skill in Programming



Find some great memes at Trust Me, I'm a "Biologist"Hypoglycaemic Memes for Diabetic Teens, and Dopamemes for Reward-Seeking Teens



Statistical Statistics Memes


Art History

Classical Art Memes



LinkedIn Memes for Career Minded Teens


For everyone!

Student Problems

Wholesome Memes