Making The Best Use of Your (Tiny) Dorm Space

How exciting is Move-In Day? You’ve been accepted into your dream school and you are ready to immerse yourself in every experience college has to offer. But there’s just one problem… your dorm is a bit tinier than you expected. Uh-oh! Whether it’s your first day living in a dorm, or second year, or third year... One thing that almost all students can relate to is the fact that there is NEVER enough space for all your stuff. Although having a roommate is an exciting and fun experience, it also means less space for your stuff. Here is a list of a few items that can help you maximize your dorm space:

Hanging Shoe Organizer ($19.99)


Instead of having your shoes cluttered around your room, invest in a hanging shoe shelf that can help you clear away space in your room. This hanging shoe shelf is a great way to organize your shoes into one convenient space while keeping your room neat.

Under Bed Storage Container ($3.99)


Storage containers are so useful because they provide a resourceful way to organize your items. For example, instead of having your linen take up space in the closet, you can use an under bed storage container to store all your extra linens. You can also use it to store out-of-season clothes, shoes, and textbooks.

Bookcase ($15.99)




College means BOOKS! More than likely, you will have a tremendous amount of notebooks and textbooks. Before you know it, these notebooks and textbooks will become cluttered around your desk. Investing in a dorm bookshelf could help you save space on your desk, and keep all your study materials organized.

Command Hooks ($4.36)


Command hooks can help you save space in your closet by allowing you to hang items on the walls such as scarves, accessories, towels and more. You can even get creative and place the command hooks in a strategic way to maximize the amount of items being hanged.

Utility Storage Cart ($8.99)



In addition to under the bed storage bins, a utility storage cart is another great storage space tool. You can use a utility storage cart to store a variety of items ranging from makeup products, cleaning products, dishes etc. For example, instead of using a drawer in your desk to store your dishes, use a storage utility cart to keep all your kitchen tools in one place.

Living in a tiny dorm room requires you to get creative with your space. It can be a difficult adjustment but it is not impossible! Try to utilize your space to its maximum potential. College is a unique period of time for discovering your own individuality; use your dorm space to reflect your individuality. This is your space, don’t hesitate to make it your own. Don’t just settle for a tiny room; spice up your dorm with some of these cool dorm hacks.