LGBT+ Characters in Popular Franchises/Pop Culture

1. Dumbledore from the Harry Potter Series

J.K. Rowling has insisted that Dumbledore is gay, even though there is no evidence in her books. It’s obvious that Dumbledore had a secret love affair with Grindewald when they were on the same side, but it would have been nice to get some confirmation of Dumbledore’s sexuality in the books instead of as an afterthought. Does he really count as an LGBT+ character if it’s not canon in the books or movies?


2. Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell from “Game of Thrones”

While the relationship between Renly and Loras is only hinted at in the book series, it is made explicit in the television series.


3. Rick Riordan’s Characters

Rick Riordan, after his initial jump to fame for his Percy Jackson series, has been careful about including diverse characters in his later books and series. Some of his LGBT+ characters include:

  1. Nico de Angelo from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  2. Will Solace from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  3. Apollo (aka Lester) from The Trials of Apollo

  4. Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard


4. Bill Potts from “Doctor Who”

The Doctor’s most recent companion, Bill is one of the few female companions not to have a crush on the Doctor. She is a spunky, intelligent, amazing character who (Spoilers!) is saved by the girl of her dreams and gets to live happily ever after with her.


5. Captain Raymond Holt from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Stoic and strict but an amazing boss, Captain Holt is a character that has endured years of discrimination for being a black, gay police officer and has finally risen up the ranks to run a precinct.


6. Nomi Marks from “Sense8”

Nomi is a transgender woman whose family refuses to accept her new identity but with support from her girlfriend and friends, she fights for what she believes is right and stands strong in the face of her family’s disappointment.


7. Maureen Johnson from “Rent”

Maureen is an aspiring artist and canonically attracted to both men and women. Her attraction (and attractiveness) become a problem between Maureen and her fiance Joanne and results in the amazing song “Take Me or Leave Me.” Watch the movie clip here.


8. Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”

Scott, like the heteronormative guy he is, constantly refers to Ramona’s “seven evil ex-boyfriends” and every time Ramona corrects him that she has “seven evil exes.” Scott eventually realizes that one of Ramona’s exes is, in fact, and evil ex girlfriend.


9. Simon from “Love, Simon”

Who could leave out one of the most recent examples of an LGBT+ character in theaters. “Love, Simon” was an almost instant hit as those part of the LGBT+ community feel they are finally starting to get the representation they deserve on the big screen