Latinx Artists You Need to Know

Discovering new music provides a rush of adrenaline and tranquilizes the mind. As noted by Pitchfork, “listening to new music feels like embracing a perspective that isn’t your own, and offers access to communities and cultural happenings...and it’s being presented to you in a way that is willingly asking for your participation or your engagement in it.” With the power of the internet, one can explore different genres and hear sounds from other countries. To get you started, here are some artists you should listen to.

  1. 1. Alaina Castillo

    Like many young up-and-coming artists, Alaina Castillo began her musical career singing covers on her YouTube channel. Singing the likes of Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande, Castillo’s soft, velvety R&B vocals lull listeners into nirvana.

  2. 2. Bruses

    Amalia Ramirez, also known as Bruses, calls herself “El Nuevo Pop Alternativo.” Using elements of pop, electronic, and rock music with poetic lyrics, she’s celebrating her individualism while highlighting the importance of mental health.

  3. 3. Maena

    Maena delivers a refreshing take on electropop by fusing her canorous vocals with relatable lyrics and minimalist compositions. Her anthem-like music is perfect for those in search of needed self-love and empowerment.


  4. 4. Tatiana Hazel

    Singer-songwriter Tatiana Hazel offers a new vision of pop music. Her raw lyrics combined with dreamy, technical arrangements create an ethereal sound worthy of attention. Along with crafting music, Hazel has an ardor for fashion, creating clothes that have been worn by artists like Kali Uchis, Kari Faux, and Girl Ultra.

  5. 5. Los Retros

    Los Retros’ creator Mauri Tapia transports listeners back in time to eccentric clubs filled with disco balls, young romantics, and a groovy ambiance. Inspired by Latin American soft rock and pop from the ‘70s and ‘80s, the aura of his songs hold nostalgic memories, similar to feelings conveyed by Hall & Oates.

  6. 6. The Marías

     The Marías, fronted by Maria Reál and drummer John Conway, blends hypnotic guitar riffs with silvery vocals, producing a sensual nostalgia. The psychedelic band creates a jazzy, dream-like ambiance, drawing inspiration from their diverse backgrounds to write, record, and produce their works.

  7. 7. Girl Ultra

    Girl Ultra is the R&B goddess from Mexico. Real name Mariana de Miguel, the singer-songwriter manifests passion and a femme fatale vibe in her music, connecting her lyrics with the backing melodies. Inspired by the works of Destiny’s Child and Beyonce, she emulates desire and love in her tracks.

  8. 8. Carmen DeLeon

    After appearing on La Voz Kids in Spain, Carmen DeLeon captivated listeners with her incredible, melodic vocals. After her emergence, she has posted covers of Bruno Mars, Tori Kelly, and Demi Lovato on her YouTube channel. The Venezuelan looks to tell her story and establish her sound.

Indulge in the discography of these artists! You’ll explore their stories, bask in their influences, and find a new favorite track. By adding their songs to your playlist and sharing it with friends, you’re supporting their work and giving them the much-needed exposure they deserve.