Kristen Huang

If you looked up “girl power” in the dictionary, you would probably also see a picture of our most recent Campus Cutie right below it. Seriously, as a Scarlet Ambassador Team Captain, President of RUAA Scarlet Council, and President of She's the First *{Rutgers}, Kristen Huang totally embodies what it means to be an empowered, inspired, and independent college girl here at Rutgers University. Read on to find out what she has been up to!

Name: Kristen Huang

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

School(s): School of Arts and Sciences 2016, Graduate School of Education 2017

Major(s): Math, Psychology 


1. What clubs/organizations are you involved with on campus?

RUAA Scarlet Council, She's the First*{Rutgers}, DRC Media Team, Peer Academic Leaders, Scarlet Ambassadors, RU-Info.


2. I see that you are a Scarlet Ambassador- what is the funniest thing that has ever happened while giving a tour?

As a Scarlet Ambassador, we're trained on the basics of tours and how to give awesome customer service, but each tour is different based on who goes on the tour, so you learn to be flexible on the job. High schoolers on a tour feel more comfortable asking questions on tours than when we have students and their parents on the same tour. I've gotten some really interesting questions on high schooler tours. The funniest thing would probably be around when I was giving a tour to group of high schoolers. A boy raised his hand and asked, "so, how are the parties? Do you party?" A bunch of his friends snickered at the question, and he had this goofy grin on his face. We started to pull up by Alexander Library so I added "Here's Alexander Library, the largest library here. I can't tell you about parties, but this is where you can have STUDY parties." And the whole bus went "OHHHHHHHHHH!" and laughed.


3. What is your favorite spot on campus?

Whenever I want to pause and just breathe, I usually go to sit under the statue of Willie the Silent on College Ave. I sit facing towards the rest of Voorhees Mall and just feel a sense of calm watching people go about their lives. During the spring semester when I had class in Voorhees Mall, when it was warmer out, I usually tried to get there a few minutes early to just relax.


4. What is your proudest accomplishment at Rutgers so far? Do you have any other accomplishments you hope to achieve before graduating?

I actually had to scroll through my Instagram and Facebook to try and see what my greatest accomplishment so far would be, which just led to me scrolling Instagram and forgetting why I went on in the first place.

I'd say that my greatest accomplishment so far is to be featured in a picture for Douglass Residential College in the in-flight magazine for US Airways in 2014. 

My friends and I made a #RUcketlist of things we want to do before we graduate, so I plan on  completing as many of those I can. There's honestly so many things happening at Rutgers that I've tried my best to do as many as possible, including Dance Marathon this upcoming April. Otherwise, I'll settle for graduating on time and educating myself on girls education, which I'm passionate about.


5. And here’s a fun question to finish off- if there was a movie made about your life, who would you want to play the lead role?

If there was a movie made about my life, I'd want YouTuber Anna Akana to play me. If you watch her videos, she's hilarious and probably better coordinated than me. I'm super clumsy and short, which makes it pretty surprising I've made it this far in life without dying yet.