On the Issues: Candidates for NJ's Gubernatorial Race

Phil Murphy

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  • Investment into transportation infrastructure

  • A public bank to invest in New Jersey

  • Raise minimum wage

  • Guarantee earned sick leave statewide

  • Ensure Equal pay for equal work

  • Creating a new Public Bank


Making New Jersey more affordable:

  • “Easing the property tax burden by funding our schools, restoring rebates for senior and low-income residents, and incentivizing towns to share services”



  • Restoring and funding the only school funding formula that has been upheld by the Supreme Court

  • Expand free pre-K to all families in NJ

  • Implementing a new STEM curriculum

  • Working to end state takeovers and abandoning the top-down approach

  • Increase state aid to institutions of higher education to lower tuition and fees

  • Expand access to community colleges and create vocational training programs

  • State-based refinancing at lower rates through a new public bank



  • Appointing an Emergency Manager

  • Undertaking an immediate capital and personnel audit

  • Improving customer service

  • Expanding options for alternative service

  • Increasing transparency

  • Holding Amtrak accountable



  • Employment and skills development

  • Mental health

  • Higher education

  • Veteran-owned businesses

  • Military transitions and families



  • Lowering insurance premiums by reining in excessive out-of-network costs

  • Restoring state funding to Planned Parenthood and ensuring that all-FDA approved methods of contraception remain accessible to New Jersey women with no out-of-pocket costs

  • Working to identify the state’s 75,000 uninsured children and enrolling them in health coverage

  • Expanding access to addiction treatment and services


Battling Addiction:

  • Expanding access to drug treatment facilities

  • Increasing access to preventive medical treatment

  • Establishing a 7-day limit on initial opiate prescriptions

  • Lowering the cost of Narcan

  • Funding a public awareness campaign about opioid addiction prevention

  • Expand support systems for individuals who overdose


Kim Guadagno

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  • Take the politics out of transportation funding with new funding formula

  • Divert New York tax revenue to New Jersey transportation projects

  • Impose a culture of customer service

  • Allow commuters to set aside money for commuting expenses tax free

  • Audit transportation trust fund and NJ Transit

  • Fight for NJ’s fair share of Port Authority funds

  • Work with Washington to fund priority projects like the Gateway Tunnel

  • Build NJ Transit Bus Terminal

  • Maximize revenue from existing transit facilities

  • Add ferry routes and express trains



  • Promote opportunities for veterans

  • Lower veteran homelessness and suicide rates

  • Strengthen military economy


Pension and Healthcare:

  • Honoring pension commitment to current retirees

  • Bringing public health insurance plans in line with private sector offerings

  • Ending all pension abuse like imposing strict “1 public paycheck” rule to stop double dipping

  • Cutting Wall Street management fees

  • Transferring the management of the Police and Firefighters’ pension to a risk-bearing entity

  • Moving more public employees into cash balance plans



  • Veto new tax increases

  • Create property tax “circuit breaker”

  • Stop sick pay abuse

  • Lower healthcare costs

  • Force shared services

  • Reform the school funding formula


Audit Trenton:

  • Conduct Full-Scale Audit

  • Support An Independently Elected Attorney General

  • Use Zero-based Budgeting

  • Ensure Education Dollars Get To Classrooms

  • Fix School Procurement And Construction

  • Sell Surplus State Assets

  • Take The Politics Out Of Road Building

  • Oppose New Long-Term Debt

  • Scrap Plans To Build ‘The Palace Of Versailles’



  • Reforming the antiquated school funding formula

  • Expanding vocational education and apprenticeships

  • Advancing merit pay for teachers

  • Making higher education more flexible and affordable

  • Expanding school choice  

Growing Jersey Jobs:

  • Become More Military And Veteran-friendly

  • Promote Travel and Tourism

  • Implement Transportation Solutions  

Opioid Epidemic:

  • Lead A Regional Coalition To Tackle The Opioid Epidemic

  • Ensure Help Is Offered Immediately

  • Make Sure Insurance Is Not A Deterrent To Recovery

  • Stop The Treatment Of Addiction Through The Judicial System

  • Encourage The Use Of Recovery Specialists

  • Make The PMP More Efficient

  • Advance Prevention And Education Efforts


Make sure to vote on November 7!


**All information taken from candidates' respective websites