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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Being the most-watched TV program of all time, is the Super Bowl really the best thing to come of Super Bowl Sunday? The answer changes depending on who you ask because not everyone will say the Super Bowl is the best part about this day.

With it being the 57th Super Bowl, the big game has now become a whole package with expectations: the commercials, the halftime show, the Puppy Bowl, and the Kitten Bowl. So, which of these is the best to come out of Super Bowl Sunday?

If you ask any football fan — whether they’re a casual fan, intense fan, or if their favorite team is in the Super Bowl or not — they will say the football game is the best thing to come out of this nationally celebrated sporting event. It allows friends and family to come together to celebrate, scream at their TV, and have countless wings and chips.

This year, the Kitten Bowl, unfortunately, got canceled by the Hallmark Channel, but thankfully, it was rescued by the Great American Family Channel in a partnership with North Shore Animal League America, which is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue. With puppies now included in the new Great American Rescue Bowl, you can get together with friends and gush over all of the adorable kittens and puppies “playing football.” This absolutely adorable game has the goal of raising awareness about animal adoption.

Similar to the Great American Rescue Bowl, the Puppy Bowl is also here to showcase animals up for adoption. The game features dogs dressed as cheerleaders rooting on the dogs in blue and orange bandanas representing the two teams: Fluff and Ruff. This is such a cute, wholesome three-hour event. With the kitten halftime show, viewers will fall in love with these two animals, if they haven’t already with the Great American Rescue Bowl. Animal lovers will end up screaming with joy at the TV and celebrating this event more than the Super Bowl.

Both of these animal-style games will make you want to rescue one of these four-pawed friends from across the country, and if you ask any animal lover what the best event of the day is, they’d probably say one of these loveable football games.

Transitioning from the cute animal pre-game to the game, this year, the Super Bowl’s halftime show was performed by Rihanna. She sang and danced to all of her hit songs, combining the lyrics with what could be a new hit. Rihanna is a sensation who deserves all eyes on her, and so many people love to watch the halftime show for the different beloved singers that are performing each year. Those who aren’t into sports are guaranteed to tune in for this—it might as well be the concert of the year!

For those who don’t like to take a bathroom break during the show and wait for the commercials, you’re out of luck. You definitely can’t do it during the super bowl. The notable commercials this year were: Pepsi’s “Great Acting or Great Tasting,” which listened to the recent Zoolander memes becoming so popular; Squarespace making people’s dreams come true with Adam Driver being cloned; PopCorners bringing back iconic Breaking Bad characters; and Miles Teller, his wife, and his dog dancing for Bud Light.

With all of these combined, Super Bowl Sunday could honestly become a national holiday with the number of people celebrating something on this day. The game itself may be the most important sports event for Americans, but the best to come of the day would probably be either the animal events or the halftime show. The animal football games make sure people are trying to adopt pets instead of shopping for them, while the halftime show is a star-stunning approximately 15-minute concert. What can top these? Nothing.

Amanda Clark

Rutgers '24

Amanda Clark is a senior attending Rutgers University—New Brunswick. She is a Journalism and Media Studies major with a minor in Creative Writing. Amanda is passionate about feminism and expanding her interests while getting more involved on campus. Amanda is looking for roles where she can grow and apply her interpersonal skills to build on her writing.