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How To Make Your Thanksgiving Like the Iconic ‘Gossip Girl’ Thanksgiving Scene

Hello Upper East Siders, 

It’s your one and only favorite gossip girl here. I wanted to share ways you can make your Thanksgiving brunch just like your favorite Upper East Side characters’ disastrous yet fun afternoon. Keep on reading if you want to find out all the tips.

1.Gourmet Food Is a Gift to the Stomach

The first step to an iconic Gossip Girl-themed Thanksgiving is to live in the Upper East Side, of course, but I’m totally joking. There obviously has to be some gourmet food. I’d recommend a charcuterie board and some high-quality mashed potatoes from the market in your town. Don’t forget the sparkling apple cider and cranberry juice freshly made. Dessert is a must! We all know Blair and her father made some delicious pie. She would expect you to have a Thanksgiving pie made, providing a slice for each guest. 

2. Decorate Your Palace

Next, Thanksgiving can’t be iconic without decorations. Orange is a common theme when it comes to fall, especially in the heart of New York City. You might want to replicate that in your town. Some must-haves are pumpkins, a cornucopia, an orange table cloth, some yummy-smelling candles, and fall leaves and lights decorated across your living space. Trust me, just like the Van-der-woodsens and Waldorfs—you’ll definitely want to go all out. 

3. Strut Your Stuff

Fashion; the most important aspect of Thanksgiving and fall, of course. Let me ask you this: if you came to Thanksgiving brunch wearing sweatpants and a baggy shirt, would Blair Waldorf be proud? No, the queen would not. You need to outdo yourself! Bloomingdales has amazing clothing and if you don’t live in the city, you might want to go to your nearest mall and find some outfits that match the brunch vibe. A classic white button-down, tie, black skirt, stockings, and thigh-high boots will do. And for the guys, just go to Polo Ralph Lauren. I’m sure Nate Archibald could help you out with that. Fashion is the key to a good presence when it comes to any event. 

4. Give Back

Always bring something for your hosts if you are a guest, and always give back to your guests if you are the host. A kind gesture will always bring you more fulfillment. Make sure to thank the people in your life and people who are not in your life (we’ve all had those moments). Show your appreciation through a small gift whether it’s a box of chocolates, flowers, or even a Louis Vuitton bag. Everyone loves presents, especially when they come from the walle- I mean heart. Oops. 

5. Add Some Spice

The drama. Oh, this is what I like! I mean, I am a gossip girl for a reason. The Thanksgiving scene cannot be complete without something interesting happening. I mean, what could go wrong? You bring your girlfriend and your ex-wife to the same brunch while your children get into some trouble with married politicians and hospital emergencies. Oh wait, did I just spoil something? My bad. I think you’d have to watch the show to understand what I’m saying. Drama is the center of the show; you cannot live without it when it comes to Nate, Blair, Serena, Chuck, Dan, and Jenny. 

Well, that’s all from me, Upper East Siders. When it comes to Thanksgiving, we take it very seriously because obviously, it is iconic for us. Follow these steps to create a perfect chaotic Gossip Girl Thanksgiving. Nothing stops us from having a little fun.  

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Saee Purohit

Rutgers '25

Hi! My name is Saee Purohit, I am a student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.I am so excited to be part of this welcoming community, creating content and being involved in this club’s opportunities!
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