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I’ve enjoyed dating since middle school, and I am now twenty-three. My mom always wanted me to experience the dating scene because one of her biggest regrets was not having enough boyfriends and experiencing love in all of its forms. I refer to myself as a chronic dater, but I don’t mean it in a negative way. A couple of my more serious relationships lasted a year at length. Regardless of how long I dated someone, label or not, I always grieved appropriately to let myself purge of the past and release the hurt before exploring a new opportunity. This is essential to healthy dating. In order to even have the potential to be in a successful relationship, at any age, we must start fresh each time we start a journey with a new partner or partners with an open heart, a patient mind, and a mended heart if not semi-healed heart. If you clicked on this article in the first place, you’re likely having some doubts regarding whether or not you’re person has romantic feelings toward you. I’ve been through hundreds of moments of uncertainty in my dating life. Don’t freak out. In time, you’ll become accustomed to various patterns of behaviors and what they imply. Without further ado, I offer you a gender-inclusive list of how to tell if someone likes you.

Their body position is directed towards you during the conversation.

Body language is actually 80% of our communication with others, despite most of our focus diverted to our personal word choices with others, especially potential lovers. If your person leans in to talk to you, looks at you like you’re the only one in the room, or sits excitedly erect, they may only have eyes for you. Some other indicators of intimate body language include standing unusually close or continuously glancing at your lips when you converse. Just the position of their feet says something, and if you have their full attention, their feet will tell you based on which way they’re facing. They may subconsciously bat their eyes, stare at you a moment too long after you’ve finished talking, lick their lips, run their fingers through their hair, stutter, laugh, smile excessively, not make eye contact at all, compliment you, or try to touch you.

They use any excuse to touch you in some way.

They might tell you about a piece of fuzz they see in your hair or eyebrow or even on your lip if they’re daring enough. This imaginary piece of fuzz can really steam up the interaction between both of you, especially if you’re at school or university and now engaging in a mild to moderate public display of affection. If you’re sitting somewhere, they may sit extra close to you without mentioning a thing, to allow your legs or arms to graze one another. It’s also a low-key way for them to gauge your interest without putting too much at stake. If you move your leg or arm, even unknowingly, they may take that as a sign that you aren’t accepting their advances.

They look at your entire face when you are speaking to them.

I actually figured this cute flirting technique out throughout my many hours of googling “how to tell if a guy likes me” and years later have found it to be true. I even manage to incorporate it into my own flirting technique because it really does get the message across. When you speak to people whom you share no romantic attraction or feelings with, you typically make brief eye contact followed by normal natural breaks, which we rarely think about. But when we are talking to someone we are enamored by, our eyes naturally jump to their lips because we want to kiss them! Sometimes we look at their cute dimples, their freckles, the shape of their nose, or even their forehead wrinkles we find so charming. Makes sense, right? If they’re circling around your face, they are most likely not examining the scar from the pimple you popped last week, but are elated to witness your beauty at such a close distance.

They are open-minded to learn about your passion(s).

If you’re new to reading my articles, you wouldn’t know that I’m vegan. Most men I have dated are not. But the ones who stand out as exceptional are the men that try my vegan home-cooked meals with anticipation, check out my favorite restaurants with me and even send me vegan memes or cute animal pics I would enjoy. My current (new) boo listens to me intently without interruption regarding the different types of industries ranging from dairy to fur, and it’s really amazing that he’s willing to learn. If your boo is taking extra interest in talking about the thing that whisks you out of bed in the morning, that’s a sure sign they’ve got a fire in their belly for you, too.

They make time for you- no matter what.

I have experienced uncertainty when getting to know someone too many times to know for sure that if they want to see you, they will. Ladies, avoid the losers who don’t have time for you, lending you every excuse in the book to try their best to keep you on a shoe-string and only wish to see you on their terms. You deserve more than that. I understand every situation is different, but respect is not something that should be auctioned off like you’re a piece of art in a gallery. You are worthy of respect and time, and you should NEVER think otherwise. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think it’s necessary to see your partner every single day, and quite frankly I believe that’s too often, at any age. But when trying to decipher whether the feelings are mutual from the one you’re smitten on, know that making time to see you is a clear indication of interest, my friend. If they like you, they will see you, no matter the circumstance. And it may sound like I’m being stern. I understand every person has a different schedule, and it can be hard to meet face to face. Even a simple phone call or five-minute video-chat can do the trick during busy hours of the day to let you know they are thinking of you and care! 

I hope you gained some insight I have accumulated from lots of heartbreak and feelings of love I’ve had the privilege to know in the dating world so far. No matter what, you are worthy and deserving of love. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you think they like you, they just might!  : ) And if they don’t, don’t fret. There is someone out there hoping to meet someone just like you right now.

Xo, Susie  

Hi, I'm Susie! I have an undying passion for sharing my thoughts through words. I am an animal activist, yogi, singer, and tea drinker. My favorite things to write about are health and wellness, veganism, and self discovery.