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How to Stay Positive During the Job Search

A significant number of students will be juggling job applications, interviews and exam preparations within these next few weeks. Some of these students are graduating in May, and are probably looking to secure a summer internship. After submitting fifty applications, completing eight interviews, and making it to three final rounds, students begin to wonder where all of this effort is really going.

There are always a wide range of online resources available, some of which may advise you to attend recruiting events, watch YouTube videos or try out resume hacks.

However, none of these solutions are effective without the right attitude. Over time, after the job rejections pile up in your inbox, you might feel the negativity building up on your shoulders.

You might feel your mind spiraling out of control, or you might feel yourself losing complete and utter confidence in your future. But it is important to remember that there is no definite algorithm to career success.

Instead, harness your potential and dedicate your time and energy towards your growth. Reflect on your past interview experiences and remember that the recruiting process is another learning process in and of itself.

The most common interview mistakes take place due to a lack of confidence, which may show the impression that you yourself do not feel qualified for the role. Instead of memorizing the bullets on your resume, come up with your own approach as to how you sum up your experiences.

In many cases, position rejections take place due to culture misfits, or simply due to the competition behind an available position. As unfair as it may seem, a rejection from one company may steer you towards a better-suited opportunity from another company.

Instead of pondering what cannot be controlled, try to focus on completed routine-oriented work. Incorporate more time for interview preparation within daily activities. Make time for mock interviews and online platforms. Rutgers happens to offer free services that make it very easy for a student to integrate interview preparations into his or her routine.

Tip: On your Rutgers Handshake account, log into the Career Services page, and enter the Resources library. Here you will find software known as InterviewStream. This software allows every student to create their own video interview and select a vast amount of questions from all major industries.

For example, Spend time building connections with people who are interested in helping you develop more knowledge and expertise in your career path. Networking may sound like an intimidating term, but in reality, many professionals who are established in their career look forward to the opportunity to help others.

Tip: On your Rutgers Handshake account, the Student Alumni Career Connect portal is a tool that is available in the Resources tab. This allows you to reach out to alumni who work in various industries. These alumni look forward to the opportunity to interact with students and help them learn more about developing their skills.

More than anything, focus on improving the quality of work, rather than measuring the results of work. Work towards becoming a more accomplished fit for a role, rather than aiming to receive a job offer. Opportunities for growth are available to all Rutgers students.

Tip: Rutgers has hundreds of student organizations that offer many leadership opportunities and mentoring opportunities, all of which are displayed here. By looking through all student organizations at a whole, you have a higher chance of finding organizations that are better suited towards your interests.

Roma is a Senior pursuing a double major in Health Administration and Information Technology. She is Indian American, the first of her family to be born in this country. She is proud to say that her first language is Konkani, and she is bilingual. Her passions are for healthcare policy reform, healthcare informatics, mental health advocacy, and career advice.
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