How To Indulge Your Significant Other With A Date Night at Home

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, one of the easiest ways to show appreciation for your significant other is by hosting a date night at home. Hosting a date night at your apartment is an intimate, cozy way to avoid the clamorous crowds in over-priced, hectic restaurants. A date night at home is also an easy last-minute solution if you forgot to make reservations or if you’re just too tired to go out. But even hosting a date night at home requires some planning. Here are some tips that can help you impress your significant other on Valentine’s Day or any day you feel like hosting a date night at home.


Tidy up your apartment. No one is ever impressed by piles of paper everywhere or the laundry that’s been lying on your bed for ages. Turn on your speakers, blast some Beyoncé and start vacuuming! You want your date to run into your arms, not run out the door because of a scary mess.  


Ahh… the main course. I’m sure your date didn’t just come for the food... But even if they did, let’s make sure the food is good enough to make them stay. Plan out a dinner, keeping in mind any allergies that may affect you or your guest.  You look up recipes for pasta online and buy some groceries at your local grocery store. You will want to have a dish in mind before you go grocery shopping. Perhaps you can slip into a conversation “Hey so I was thinking about making ____, is that ok?” with your guest. You can have even more fun and cook together!


This might be the most daunting task on this list. It can be intimidating for a girl (or guy) to walk into the pharmacy and buy condoms. But if your date goes well and you both decide to take things a step further, you want to be prepared. It is important to practice safe sexual habits and one of the best ways to protect yourself and your partner is by using a condom. It’s always nice to have condoms handy, just in case.


You want your apartment to look aesthetically pleasing when your date walks through the door. Try decorating with some nice throw pillows, or just dim the lights to create an ambiance. The aesthetic of an environment can affect the mood in the room, so make sure you create a warm and welcoming aesthetic for your guest.


You can easily go on or and search up Date Night Playlist. Everyone has different music taste, so pick some songs that you and your guest will enjoy. A nice playlist helps to create a relaxing environment. A playlist is also a conversation-starter because you can discuss your opinions on a specific song or artists, or share experiences you’ve had relating to the song.

This Valentine’s Day as you prepare to show your significant other some love and appreciate, keep in mind that a date night at home can be just as impressive as a date night in a fancy restaurant. Your significant other will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness you incorporated into planning out this date night at home. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself in the tips above and follow your heart to plan to the best night for you and your significant other.