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How To Get Involved This Virtual Semester

With the Fall 2020 semester being fully virtual, now is a better time than ever to get involved at Rutgers!  Since the start of online classes, the extent of social interactions has been limited to a screen.  The days of buying an iced coffee before class or catching the LX with a friend are no more (at least for now).  Don’t get me wrong, online classes definitely have their benefits, one of which includes not needing pants for class.  With this perk aside, getting to know other students can prove to be difficult.  Joining an organization is a great way to meet new people, learn something new, connect with career opportunities, and so much more!  Due to quarantine restrictions, many organizations are hosting meetings and events through websites like Zoom or Webex.  Rutgers has a large variety of organizations, 802 to be exact, with more being created every semester.  This may seem overwhelming at first, but with a broad selection, it’s easy to find one that best fits your needs.  Here is a list of some great organizations to help get you through this virtual semester:

Looking to Explore Rutgers’ Majors/Minors?

Deciding on a major and minor can be overwhelming, especially when attending a large university like Rutgers.  With so many options to choose from, finding the right one can seem tiresome and difficult.  Luckily, there are organizations that can help you learn more about possible majors and minors, as well as connect with like-minded students.  Many of these organizations also have mentor programs, a helpful way for students to connect with recent alumni.  Here are some organizations that might suit your interests:

Business Information Technology Society- For students interested in the Business Analytics and Information Technology majors

Cell Biology and Neuroscience Society- For students passionate about neuroscience and related fields

Fashion Organization of Retail and Marketing- For students with a love of fashion and a career in the business of fashion

Future Teachers Association- For students passionate about education and a desire to teach

Public Relations Student Society of America- For students interested in the field of public relations 

Looking For A Creative Outlet?

Rutgers has a wide selection of organizations that can help get the creative juices flowing.  From the culinary arts to belly dancing, Rutgers has it all.  Joining an organization is a great way to express yourself creatively, without ever needing to leave your home.  Here are some that may fit your needs:

The Creators- For students who engage in prop and costume creating, crafting, and making

Stitch for Life- For students who enjoy knitting and crocheting, as well as giving back to the community

Bboy Student Organization of Rutgers- For students interested in urban culture and dance

Shockwave- For students who enjoy acapella singing, music, and dance

Her Campus Rutgers- For students who love journalism as well as reading (totally not biased!)

Looking To Learn More About Different Cultures?

Rutgers University prides itself on having a diverse community of students, faculty, and administrators.  Rutgers’ population spans across all racial, geographic, gender, religious, and age groups.  With this, Rutgers has a large number of organizations dedicated to the education of different cultures.  These organizations are a great way to learn more about our diverse community, as well as connect with others of the same culture.  Here are some organizations that might interest you: 

Albanian Roots- For students that are Albanian or who have an interest in Albanian culture

German Club at Rutgers University- For students with a passion for German culture and language

Korean Students Association- For students who are interested in traditional and modern-day Korean culture

Latin American Student Organization- For students with a love of Caribbean, Central, and South American culture

Pakistani Student Association- For students passionate about Pakistani culture and traditions

Looking To Get Active?

Striving to be physically active can be incredibly helpful for your well-being.  Physical activity has proven to reduce stress and boost the immune system, something we can all use this quarantine semester.  Staying active may seem difficult, as many gyms and parks are closed due to social distancing rules.  Despite this, Rutgers organizations provide many ways for students to be active.  Many organizations are hosting online meetings and events that keep their members in motion, despite the lack of traditional in-person events.  Quarantine is a perfect time to get your body moving; here are some great organizations that may work for you:

Ballroom Dance Sport Club (Rutgers Recreation)- For students interested in standard and Latin style dance

Climbing Sport Club (Rutgers Recreation)- For students with a love of recreational rock climbing 

Eskrima Sport Club (Rutgers Recreation)- For students looking to participate in Eskrima, a traditional martial art from the Philippines

Haru: Kpop Dance Cover Club- For students interested in learning and performing various popular songs from Korea

Ultimate Frisbee Women’s Sport Club (Rutgers Recreation)- For students with a love for ultimate frisbee

Looking To Change The World?

Rutgers has a large community of faculty and students that are passionate about changing the world.  From fundraising for nonprofits to social activism, these organizations are all about giving back to the community.  If you are interested in raising awareness for different campaigns and movements, these organizations are for you.  Here are some that may interest you:

Amnesty International (Rutgers)- For students searching for a forum to promote human rights and activism

Charity: Water Rutgers- For students interested in a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to developing countries

FeelGood- For students looking to raise money and support for the end of extreme hunger and poverty

Queer Student Alliance of Rutgers University- For students searching for a safe and confidential space to discuss LGBTQIA+ issues and topics

RU Pilot Me- For students looking to provide community service to the youth of New Brunswick

Rutgers’ transition to online classes can have varying effects on students.  For some, completing classes and schoolwork in the comfort of one’s home can bring relief.  For others, quarantine can result in a feeling of isolation and loneliness.  If you are feeling this way, you are not alone.  Rutgers has a whole community of students and faculty that are available at the click of a button.  With the social aspects of college life put on hold, Rutgers organizations are a great way to keep in contact with like-minded students and faculty.  All you need to do is look. Happy searching!!

Looking for more information on Rutgers’ organizations?  Check out this great resource that lists all the organizations at Rutgers: https://rutgers.campuslabs.com/engage/

GetINVOLVED is a great way to connect with the Rutgers community, bringing the latest news and events to your fingertips.  Just create a profile and join, join, join!!! 

Alexa Ziler

Rutgers '22

Alexa Ziler is a Junior at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. She is pursuing a degree in psychology with a minor in education and English. Alexa hopes to one day become an elementary school teacher and is applying for her masters at the Graduate School of Education. She is passionate about reading poetry and the classics, as well as writing her own stories.
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