Holiday Survival Kit!

Winter break is so close, yet so far away. But to make the time go by faster, we have a few products that will help the days go by faster and help you feel more ~fabulous.~

7 Wonders Face Masks

Katelyn: This was my first time trying a sheet mask and I have to say it was definitely an experience. It felt cold and slimy, but oddly nice. It left my skin feeling soft and looking bright.

Grace: I love pampering my skin/self when stressed. Sheet masks are great because you can treat your skin while mentally unwind. I put on the mask at night, so the next morning, I could definitely feel more moisturized, and my face felt supple and smooth. I like this brand because of the ingredients they use. I think ingredients are really important especially when you are using something directly on your skin, so this is perfect.


Rimmel London Scanadeyes Mascara

Katelyn: The brush on this mascara is gigantic, but it’s great! The bristles of the brush are close together which minimizes clumping. This mascara really coats your lashes to make them look long and dark like the lashes of your dreams.

Grace: I have sad, short stubborn lashes, so I need special mascara. This mascara is probably good for those who already have some form of lashes and just want a boost, not a new full set of new lashes.


Rimmel London Scandaleyes Khol Eyeliner

Katelyn: This eyeliner goes on like a dream. It’s creamy and smooth and glides right on. I have slightly hooded eyes so it doesn’t stay on as well as I would like but it would probably work great for people with different shaped eyes!

Grace: I agree with Katelyn, the eyeliner is soooo creamy and really applies smoothly. My Asian eyes are difficult to work with, and although there wasn’t smudging, it would leave transfer onto other parts of my lids. People with regular eyelids/monolids, this pencil would be perfect for you!


Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour

Katelyn: This lipstick literally never comes off. I wore it for about 12 hours and ate three meals with it on and I still had to scrub the color off my lips at the end of the day. This formula is also great because it’s not too drying. If your lips feel a little dry you can just swipe more of the clear gloss on and it instantly feels better. I would recommend this lipstick to anyone who wants to look glam with minimal effort.

Grace: Holy crap, this lipstick does not budge when you apply it correctly. There are also multiple shades, so this is definitely worth buying if you have an event that includes eating/drinking/smooching(so dates or parties). At one point, after I applied the lipstick and the top coat, I tried to rub it off with my hand, but nothing came off. I was literally in shock because every single lipstick I have tried, even if it claims to stick on, always does shed at least a little, but this doesn’t at all. Just make sure that each layer is as dry as it can be before moving onto the next step. I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised at the staying power of a lipstick! The pigment payoff isn’t great on the first coat, but honestly great on the second coat, so no problem there.


Natural Bronzer

Katelyn: I have to start by saying I never used bronzer before this. So after looking up how I was supposed to apply it, I gave this bronzer a try and thought it looked really nice! I’m super pale but this bronzer was a nice color for my skin. It also blended really well and didn’t irritate my skin or make me break out.

Grace: I am a fan of Rimmel powders because they are so smooth, blendable, and fine. This bronzer felt really clean and had a warm color that really complimented my skin. There are matte versions as well as more golden and glowy versions. These will be great for winter!!


Pure Silk Shave Cream in Raspberry Mist

Katelyn: I love this shaving cream. It makes shaving so much nicer and drastically reduces the number of times I cut myself while shaving. Even though it says it has a raspberry scent, you can barely smell it, which for me is a plus.

Grace: This is a really nice and thick cream that makes shaving a luxury. I don’t really shave often due to lack of body hair (and hair in general tbh, thanks stress), but this is definitely a rich shaving cream at a low price!


Yogi Tea

Katelyn: I’m not usually a fan of fruity teas but I have to say that these surprised me. I tried the green tea blueberry flavor and actually really liked it, despite not usually liking blueberry tea. Yogi tea also has a tea that has a lot of caffeine which is a great alternative to coffee!

Grace: I think this would also be a great tea cold for the warmer times! During the winter months though, having a hot cup of tea is super comforting. Nothing like a sweet, hot drink while being wrapped in a warm blanket.


Book of the Month

Faith: Reading more than what is required during the semester can be difficult, but Book of the Month Club makes it really easy to explore new novels. The Club picks the best books of every month and you can pick from their selections! The books are shipped to you, so you get to skip the line at the bookstore! It’s a really simple and inexpensive way to explore different authors and genres!