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Finding the perfect Halloween costume is hard enough, but finding the perfect group Halloween costume is nearly impossible. You want something simple yet chic, something well-known yet unique. While coordinating group Halloween costumes may seem like an intimidating challenge, it’s most definitely one worth trying this season. With the right amount of effort, planning, and creativity, you can use this inspiration guide to make sure you and your friends dress up in the most incredible group costumes, haunting everyone’s minds and hearts with your stunning looks this Halloween.      

Get adventurous like your favorite Anime characters

Get creative by dressing up as some of anime’s most popular characters from Demon Slayer, Sailor Moon, Jujutsu Kaisen, and One Piece. Feel the magic as a sailor moon girl with a colorful skirt, cute headpiece, and of course, a wand. Bring out your inner demon by putting together a Nezuko outfit with a black robe, pink dress, and green mouthpiece. Or have some fun and adventure with your friends by dressing up together as One Piece characters with fun hats and fake swords. Finish out your Halloween night by taking some photos together and putting on your favorite episodes.

Be amazing like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (All of them!)

There are unlimited options when it comes to the iconic comic book character: Spider-Man. Why dress up as one Spider-Man when your friend group can dress up as all of them? The options are as wide as the multiverse! Everyone has a favorite: Tobey Mcquire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Miles Morales— there are multiple movies to choose from. You can even recreate the classic Spider-Man doppelganger meme with your friends!  

Get magical like the spooky Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

A classic costume is Salem’s favorite witches, The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus! This costume comes with so much versatility and is a perfect group costume for the Winifred’s, Sarah’s, and Mary’s of any friend group. Whether you decide to go all out with fake teeth and an evil spell book or keep it simple with a couple of wigs and dresses from Amazon, this costume is so recognizable and fun!  

Be ever so sensational like the drama-loving “Euphoria” cast

Season 2 of “Euphoria” was the show that took social media by storm this year! Wherever you looked, you couldn’t escape the iconic looks from each episode. The sparkly makeup and rave-worthy outfits were one for the history books. A staple look for “Euphoria”-inspired costumes have a wide variety of options: you could go super edgy like Kat Hernandez, anime chic like Jules Vaughn, or maybe softcore like Cassie Howard. Perhaps, focus on outfits from the show’s most memorable scenes to get into the mood.    

Go back in time like you are going to an elegant Bridgerton Ball   

As the show’s second season came out this year, balls and other themed parties have started appearing everywhere. Not all of us have been so lucky as to attend, so what better time than Halloween to take our turn at wearing our best gown and dress up as if they were to be the diamond of the season for those who haven’t had their chance to attend a glamorous Regency Ball. With friends, find your most beautiful 1800s-inspired dress, your most dainty gloves, and your most elegant jewelry to turn your Halloween party into a glamorous Regency Ball.

Capture some nostalgia like your classic 80s movies

If you and your girls are looking to go for a classic 80s costume, dressing up as the Heathers from Heathers is the perfect group costume. All you need are checkered blazers, pleated skirts, and lots of hairspray for that 80s poof. If you’re looking for a comfy and laid-back costume, dress like the boys in Stand By Me. Focus on baggy t-shirts, jeans, and baseball hats. Or, you can go to a galaxy far, far away this Halloween and dress as Star Wars characters. Wear a long robe and a belt, grab a lightsaber and throw your hair up in some space buns to channel Princess Leia’s classic up-do. 

Celebrate your inner vampire or werewolf spirit like the Twilight cast

Have your group of friends take a trip to the rainy days and mysterious nights of Forks, Washington with a collaborative costume that honors the Twilight cast. Channel your inner broody teenager and seductive vampire by dressing up as Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the Cullen family. Focus on wearing clothes that capture the early 2000s fall style such as love sleeve henleys, skinny jeans, and flannels to mimic the characters’ signature looks from all five movies. Get even more creative by adding fangs and colored contacts to really elevate the costume. And, what better way to end your Halloween night than with a Twilight movie marathon?  

Travel to the Upside Down like the “Stranger Things” teens  

Channel the spirit of the 80s this spooky season and become everyone’s favorite Netflix crew: the “Stranger Things cast!” Bring out your inner metal head this Halloween as Eddie Munson with black combat boots, edgy rings, and of course, a denim jacket. Or if neon colors and high-waisted jeans are more your style, become Eleven this Halloween with an 80s-inspired outfit. Make an adventure with your friends by dressing up as your favorite characters together and relive your favorite memories from season four. Amp up the vibes of the 80s by taking some Polaroid pictures together while posing in your costumes!

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