Fun Things To Do In New Jersey Over Spring Break

You’ve probably been talking about your spring break plans with friends and family. Some people might be spending their break on a tropical vacation, some might be backpacking across Europe… but if you’re not planning on going anywhere this spring break, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything fun. Here’s a list of some fun things you can do in New Jersey that are not only unique, but also won’t break the bank:

Go for a scenic drive

(Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash)

New Jersey is underrated for its beauty. Sure, the highways may not be that glamorous and much of the state might be polluted by power plants and factories, but there are still some backroads that remain hidden gems in the state. This list on maps out 10 of the top scenic drives in New Jersey, with some winding through abandoned buildings, some through wooded wilderness and others overlooking views of lakes and mountains. Especially if you love driving and road trips, this is a way to explore the state and possibly take some cute pictures along the way.

Check out a diner

(Photo by Lorenzo Nafissi on Unsplash)

Everyone knows that New Jersey is known for its bagels and pizza, but did you know it also holds the reputation for having the best diners in the country? In fact, last month at Alexander Library there was a lecture about the rich history and culture of diners in the state. This spring break, take the time to try out a new diner with any other friends staying in Jersey for the week! Spoon University has a list of the 10 best diners in New Jersey if you’re not sure where to start.

Plan a day trip at a small town

(Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels)

Have you ever driven down the highway and realized that you were passing through dozens of small towns, each with their own quirks and stories? Especially if you only have a day to spare, definitely spend it exploring a small town! One suggestion is Princeton, especially since there are so many unique restaurants, cafes and stores, as well as historical landmarks and museums. Some others are included in this list from NJ Advance Media, which gives suggestions for what to do at various small towns in the state.

Learn some history

(By Jack Boucher - Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division: Historic American Buildings Survey, HABS NJ,1-MARGCI,1-7)

If you’re a history buff, or just looking to learn something new, consider visiting one of the many historical landmarks in New Jersey. One example is Martinka’s in Midland Park, which holds the title of America’s Oldest Magic Shop. If you’re in Atlantic City, two places to check out are the White House Sub Shop, which is home to a pink towel Frank Sinatra used at his last performance in the city, and Lucy the Elephant, who technically holds the title as world’s largest elephant as a 6-story structure. If that’s not enough, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection also has a list of historic sites in the state.

Participate in a class

(Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash)

Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean you should stop learning! Except instead of hitting the books, try going to a class that’s both educational and fun. One suggestion is trying out an art class; there are Paint and Sips everywhere, one being Above Art Studios in New Brunswick. You could also try out a cooking class, whether in a professional setting or in the comfort of your own home with YouTube. If you want to be more active, you could also try out a dance class, such as ballet, hip hop or even ballroom dancing.

It doesn’t take a plane ticket or fancy plans to have fun. Sometimes, my favorite moments were the ones closest to home. If you’re going to be in New Jersey this spring break, or if you have any spare time in the coming months, definitely take the time to explore the state and try out some new things!