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Autumn really is the best time of year, and not just because the fall Starbucks drinks are back. As soon as you step outside you can smell the crisp air and feel the gentle breeze in your hair. Riding boots and flannels are back in and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s just simply a better time. And let’s not forget about all the super fun fall activities there are to do now! Here are a few to get you started!


1. Pumpkin/ Apple picking

Let’s be honest for a second. This is truly what fall is all about. Did you really experience fall if you didn’t go pumpkin or apple picking? If you live in the New Jersey area stop by some of these places (Battleview OrchardsWightman’s FarmAlstede Farms, and Norzhill Farm) and experience fall the way you’re supposed to.

2. Haunted Houses

This one isn’t for the faint hearted. Haunted houses are no joke nowadays but are such a ‘fall’ thing to do nonetheless. Go with your BFF or significant other; I’m sure they won’t mind holding your hand the whole time. Check out this website with haunted houses in NJ (if you dare!)​

3. The Apple Festival 

This is along the lines of apple picking but better. Peddlers Village has an annual Apple Festival that is too cute and so much fun. It’s in Pennsylvania but is definitely worth the drive if you don’t live too close by. Find out more info here!

4. Pumpkin Crafting DIY

Yes, pumpkin carving is amazing but you know what else is fun? Pumpkin painting. You can find so many fun, creative DIYs on Pinterest to do with friends. One that I found particularly ‘fall’ was painting pumpkins white and then modge-podging outdoor leaves on top.


5. ABC’s (Freeform) 13 nights of Halloween

Okay this one isn’t technically a cute outdoor activity but it sure does have to do with fall. This and the 25 days of Christmas are probably the best marathons on TV (except for the Harry Potter marathon). It’s just the perfect time to sit back, cuddle and stuff your face with some kettle corn. Don’t worry here’s the list of all the movies playing this year!

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