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Fritz’s vs Panera

Photo Source: Steyn Viljoen

We are #blessed to even be making this comparison right now. Ever since Panera has come to Rutgers University, we have another source of soup, salad, and bread. Now we can’t forget about Fritz’s (located on Easton Ave)! 

Here’s a short comparison when you are trying to decide between the two of them! Make sure to check their menus for the entire scope!

Breakfast time?

Both Fritz’s and Panera have special breakfast times, though Fritz’s has all-day breakfast on Sunday. Fritz’s really excels with their breakfast spread, classic b-fast sandwiches to specialty platters or my personal favorite, their spicy b-fast sandwich! 

The Panera on campus has fresh baked goods, but not as much as Fritz’s offers. Both are freshly baked every morning! The baked good you must try at Fritz’s is their bars. A delicious soft-baked bar with either fruit or nuts (or pumpkin!!) is the perf addition to your day.

Looking for Soup/Pasta? 

Both Fritz’s and Panera have soups available. Both have their daily always available soups as well as daily specials! Of course, I need to mention Panera sourdough bread bowls, there is a special place in my heart for those.

Now in the Mac & Cheese department, Panera has their classic creamy bowl of goodness while Fritz offers their four-cheese mac as well as buffalo and spinach & artichoke!

Panera also offers their chicken tortellini alfredo while Fritz’s has zoodles!


Panera has their variety of salads in addition to their bowls. Fritz’s has specialized salads as well a quinoa bowl and other little healthy additions.


For a heartier meal, Panera and Fritz’s offer cold and hot sandwiches! Fritz’s has even a customizable option which you choose your protein and how you would like it prepared. Both have an extensive menu on what type of sandwich you can get!


Both have the college staple: coffee as well as other cold and hot drinks. Fritz’s tends to have more seasonal drinks while Panera sticks to their menu all year round. 


Fritz’s has some appetizers such as fried risotto fritters or nachos, but otherwise the two are quite similar! 

Special Diet?

Both Fritz’s and Panera have options for those with specialized diets or health concerns! Check out their menu for the details.

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