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Fall Survival Kit

We were lucky enough to receive some amazing products this semester in our survival kit! Check out some of our favorites!


Freeman Beauty Masks

Grace: A DIY home spa night is not complete with a face mask! These are great to use casually to pamper yourself and relax. Bonus points: Use face masks during a girls’ night in!

Katelyn: My skin care routine is usually boring and I try masks very infrequently but these masks from Freeman Beauty are a nice way to spice up my routine. I love the cucumber and pink sea salt mask. It feels super indulgent and relaxing and leave my skin feeling so smooth.


Aeropostale Accessories

Grace: Trends come and go, so you don’t want to spend a fortune, but you still want to look great! Aeropostale is more known for their clothing, but their accessories aren’t as well known. Well now you know where to go for your trend needs, and they have variety so instead of a plain choker, you can wear a metallic one instead! Own the trend!

Katelyn: Aeropostale would not have been the first place I would look to get accessories, but I think these accessories have changed my mind! I love the sunglasses, and the gold headband looks great against every hair color.


Bed Head

Grace: BLESS the inventor of dry shampoo. College life is so busy and as much as I want to take a shower, sometimes it’s too much effort. Then when you look in the mirror the next day, you’re definitely going to need the dry shampoo is waiting for you there patiently. Sometimes if I have to look good, I’ll curl my hair, set it with spray, and then dry shampoo for volume. The possibilities are endless!

Katelyn: I don’t know what I would do without dry shampoo. Bead Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo is a total lifesaver. Spray your roots before you go to bed and wake up with clean-looking hair that hasn’t lost its volume!


Erin Condren

Grace: This little planner has all you need: daily boxes for your homework, and monthly spreads for special events! The silver edges of the paper makes it feel so luxe, and the pages are so brightly colored, it makes me forget about all the stressful studying I have to do (almost). I LOVE being organized with this planner. There are also other types of planners in different shapes and sizes online so you can find your perfect planner!

Katelyn: Since I found out about Erin Condren planners, I haven’t used any other brand. Erin Condren’s Hardbound LifePlanner is perfect for a girl on the go. It’s small enough to be convenient to put in your backpack or a larger purse so you can take it with you wherever you go. And it has a neat ribbon to make sure you never lose your place!



Grace: I am a germaphobe. I need things to be clean if I am using it. The steripod is perfect because not only is it a physical barrier, it also has active vapors inside! It protects my toothbrush from any lurking grime on the bathroom counter and inside, it keeps my toothbrush fresh. What more could I ask for?

Katelyn: I never knew how much I needed a steripod toothbrush protector until I started using it. I have to lay my toothbrush down in the cabinet in my apartment so steripod has been great! I can keep my toothbrush in the bathroom without worrying about it getting dirty.


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