Fall for Fall: How to Make a Statement in a Quarantine Fall

Fall, personally, is my absolute favorite season of the entire year. It is easy to have fun during this time given all of the cute fashion trends, the changing of the leaves, and the availability of tasty fall treats. Being how transitional the season is—especially in the New Jersey area—it is easy to mix up looks and take advantage of the shifting weather from cold to warm while it lasts. Even though everything is more limited this year, in terms of where you can go with the pandemic, it is still very easy to make a fall statement while being comfy and safe. Below are some of my favorite fall fashion statement pieces for this year.

  1. 1. Berets

    I always have loved wearing berets but have never gotten too into wearing them because I always felt silly. This year, with being stuck at home, I found that it is the best time to experiment. I love a beret with a buttoned-up flannel and jean jacket, or with one of my favorite cozy sweaters!

  2. Of course, masks are all the rage this year! I love wearing ones that match my outfit. Since there are so many places to buy them now, it is easy to find ones with fall prints like leaves or fall flowers, or in fall colors like purple, dark red, orange, and navy blue.

  3. Another thing that is all the rage this year are leggings. I love using them to add a pop of color to my outfit. I have a dark purple pair that I wear with a light grey pullover, moccasins, and an army jacket!

  4. 4. Boots

    Quarantine or not, you always have to have a pair of boots for the colder days! I personally love my short heeled booties and my combat boots, even if it is just for my shift at work!

  5. 5. Scarves

    Flannel scarves, thinner scarves, winter scarves; I love them all! They are great for running out on a colder day and adding to the more plain fall colors!

  6. Say hello to the newest trend—grays! Gray jeans give you all the fun of black jeans with only half the darkness. They match with almost anything and give your basic blacks a quirky twist!

The best way to get through hard times is to make the best out of them and stick to the positives in life. Fashion is a fun and creative way to make your mark and (pumpkin) spice up your everyday life!