Cute Date Spots in New Brunswick

Photo Source: Pexels

If you’re looking for grub, downtown New Brunswick has some pretty nice spots you wouldn't expect for a “noisy college town on the banks of the Old Raritan” (see what I did there?). I suggest you look at the menu prior to venturing to these picks as they can cost a pretty penny.


INC: This cozy restaurant right below the Heldrich hotel offers some pretty great food and awesome drinks menu in an upscale but cozy atmosphere. I would definitely recommend checking out their library lounge as well.

Stage Left: Located next to the State Theatre, across the Heldrich hotel, this is definitely a spot to be impressed with. From the very fine service given by all employees to the presentation of every plate and drink, this was a favorite. I highly recommend the filet mignon burger and creme brulée.

Clydz: Not too far from the previous locations, Clydz is perfect for that in between fancy and chill date spot. With an amazing selection of drinks with quite eclectic names and their game of the day plates that feature (python, kangaroo, alligator, to name a few), it’s an experience you surely will enjoy and won’t soon forget.

Panico’s: If you’re really looking for choices and to save some money Panico’s is the spot! Close to two night clubs, Panico’s offers two choices of dining with their pizzeria restaurant and regular restaurant. Both provide wonderful Italian carbs, and can be a very affordable choice if you get their groupon online, it’s a steal!

Caffe Bene: This last one is for a simple but delicious coffee date. A very relaxed and comfortable environment with a great little curated snacking menu, I highly recommend their bubble smoothies!

Hidden Grounds: If you’re looking for the ultimate hipster dating experience, visit Hidden Grounds Coffeehouse. Hidden Grounds new location, located on Easton Ave near the train station, features amazing coffee, music and vibes perfect for a cute date.

Tacoria Gardens: If you’re looking to escape the drab city of New Brunswick with your new tinder date, visit the Tacoria Gardens. Located behind Tacoria, the garden gives off a Mexican and city vibe strong enough to make you forget you’re still in New Brunswick.

Ramen Nagomi: Located on Bayard street, Ramen Nagomi offers authentic Japanese noodles and other appetizers, paired together with a comfy yet intimate interior setting with mainly couple tables that is bound to get you and your date feeling at home!