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Cook/Douglass’s Top 5 Pokemon GO Hotspots

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Some of the most beautiful Pokemon GO hotspots can be found on Cook-Douglass Campus!

Cook-Douglass Campus is hands-down the most beautiful campus one can find at Rutgers New Brunswick. It’s surrounded by calming wildlife and nature, home to a copious amount of squirrels that can often be found chasing each other, and possesses some of the most beautiful Pokemon GO hotspots. If you happen to find yourself on Cook/Douglass, you might as well play some Pokemon GO!


1. Cook Student Center

The Cook Student Center, off of the Biel Road bus stop, is one of the most convenient Pokemon GO hotspots for anyone who lives on Cook Campus. While there aren’t many PokeStops within the immediate vicinity (there is actually only one PokeStop and one Pokemon Gym nearby), it’s still a great location for casual Pokemon hunting. While you’re grabbing a bite with your roommates at the Cook Cafe, using the resources found in the computer lab located upstairs, or studying for a few hours in one of the comfy couches, you might as well occasionally swipe the PokeStop to steadily refill your bag with PokeBalls and potions or even try your luck with the gym. (Protip: It only takes 5 minutes for a PokeStop to refresh in order to swipe at it again)


2. Chang Science Library

The Stephen and Lucy Chang Science Library, situated behind the Food Science and Nutritional Sciences Building West, has 5 PokeStops nearby that include the library itself, Lipman Hall, and the Foran Hall Conservation Garden. This library isn’t as packed or well-known compared to the other libraries at Rutgers, so it’s a nice secluded place to make flash cards or catch up on readings.


3. Passion Puddle

The Passion Puddle, sitting right in-between Cook and Douglass campuses and off of the Red Oak Lane bus stop, is an must-go location even if you aren’t playing Pokemon. It’s lovely year-round, offering something different for visitors each season. During warmer weather it’s a great place for studying, meditating, or gathering your friends for a hang-out. Besides being an aesthetically pleasing backdrop year-round, Passion Puddle is a Pokemon Gym that has a few PokeStops that include the Johannis Vorhees Homestead and the Historic Lipman House. While you’re waiting for the bus at Red Oak Lane, maybe you can try overthrowing the gym leader protecting its position at the Passion Puddle Pokemon Gym.


4. Mason Gross Performing Arts Center 

The Mason Gross Performing Arts Center, a walk from the College Hall and across the street from Gibbons, features more than 500 performances annually, ranging from dance to digital film. It has several PokeStops, including Robert E. Mortensen Hall and Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater, and one Pokemon Gym, the Ravine Bridge.


5. College Hall

College Hall, across the street from the Douglass Student Center and next to the Douglass Library, is located at the center of a lot of the action that takes place on the Douglass Campus. Besides being home to one of the most chaotic bus stops at Rutgers, it is also where 10 PokeStops, including the Regina Best Heldrich Science Building, The Douglass Writing Program, and the Voorhees Chapel, are located. Like Scott Hall, it’s a great place to sit under a tree and work on your homework.


If you’re up for some scenic walks or you have nothing to do while you’re waiting for your bus, why not catch some Pokemon?

Keoni Nguyen is a former undergrad student at Rutgers University and the former Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Rutgers (2018-2019).