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Conquer Finals with a Healthy Meal

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

The rhythmic ‘pop, pop, pop’ coming from the microwave, the crinkle of the Sun Chips bag and the crunch of candy after every chew were all signs—finals were winning. While demanding endless amounts of studying, stealing much-needed sleep, causing stress, provoking procrastination, and tempting you to indulge in sugary goodness, finals make it hard for a college student to finish the week feeling anything but defeated.

Finals are here and I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed, I eat. A lot.

But instead of giving into this unpleasant habit, I decided to channel my studying-munchies towards a more healthy meal. Just a short walk for me and a bus ride for my sister, we decided to venture to Saladworks, located on Albany Street.

We walked in to see an array of over 36 options (yes, I counted) to choose from to create your our own salad. From mandarin oranges, to edamame, to sun-dried tomatoes, the chances in making a salad that your taste buds wouldn’t thank you for, was pretty slim.

For those who are plagued by the most-annoying inability to make decisions, like me, there are 13 pre-designed salad options to choose from. After staring at all of the possibilities for quite a long time, I finally decided to choose the pre-designed ‘Fire roasted cabo jack’ salad.

And when I thought the decision-making was finally over, I had to choose among the 15 Saladworks’ original dressings! I eventually picked the oriental sesame dressing that added the perfect amount of sweetness to my salad (and also used for dipping my warm whole-wheat roll into!)

Though the decision took a while, the salad was worth the wait. With romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed with fire roasted corn, white beans, red peppers, chicken, tomatoes, spicy, Monterrey jack cheese, and tortilla strips, I have to admit the salad made a pretty picture. But even better than it’s colorful image, the salad was delicious.

My sister and I split the salad and didn’t leave one tortilla strip left in the bowl. At the price of $7.69- (that’s with an Arizona Green Tea included) I walked out satisfied, guilt-free, and feeling that much closer to defeating my exams.

Take a study-break and venture to Saladworks for a creative salad, wrap, soup, or focaccia or get your creation delivered and indulge while you study (they take RUexpress)!  For those of you who love to be creative or those who are just looking for something delicious, stop by Saladworks located on 120 Albany Street!

*Meal was paid with Saladworks gift card that was presented to HCRutgers, as Saladworks thinks that all collegiettes™ deserve to get-in-the-know about this fun place to eat!

We agree! And that’s why we are giving out a $10 gift card to Saladworks to 1 lucky reader! Tweet @HCRutgers or include Her Campus Rutgers in a post on Facebook and you will be automatically entered into our random drawing! Contest ends May 11th, 2011.