Chris Kay

Meet Chris Kay! Chris is a Good Neighbor Liaison and a member of the Scarlet Honor Council.



Q: What is your major and you minor?

A: I'm double majoring in History and Philosophy and I'm picking up a Poli Sci minor.


Q: What’s your internship at Rutgers?

A: I am a Good Neighbor Liaison, which is an internship for the office of Off Campus Housing and Community Partnership. What we do there is serve as a frontline for the office when students come in and ask us questions or have concerns about housing issues. The whole office serves as an access point for students to use services the University provides. When people move off campus they can get lost in the cracks, and our office exists to make sure they don’t. As Good Neighbor Liaisons, we are the student face of that.


Q: What else do you do on Campus?

A: I’m on the Scarlet Honor Council, both as a member of the Outreach Team and as a member of the Appeals and Hearing Boards. The Scarlet Honor Council is the student representatives and the faculty representatives who hear your case if you violate Academic Integrity or the Code of Conduct. The Hearing Board hears the case the first time, and the Appeals Board hears any appeals you might have about your case. The Outreach team is the public face of the Scarlet Honor Council, we do programs that raise awareness about the mission of the council.


Q: Any advice for students moving off campus?

A: Well, of course, find a house as soon as possible, they disappear quickly. When you’re looking at houses make sure to inspect all the pipes, figure out the washer and dryer situation, check the bathrooms and the showers, make sure all the taps work, you want to check and see if all the windows have locks, and that the doors work. You can also come into our office and ask about your landlord.


Q: Who’s your role model?

A: I am very inspired by Alexander Hamilton, especially when it comes to my Poli Sci minor. He’s also my favorite Founding Father.


Q: What’s your favorite joke?

A: Knock knock who’s there? Cow. Cow who? No silly, cows go moo.


Q: Celebrity crush?

A: Brad Pitt, I want to be him, so I guess that’s a celebrity crush.


Q: What’s your favorite part about the Holidays?

A: The food. Family’s nice, but I see them all the time.