Candy Corn: Love it or Hate it?

With Halloween right around the corner, we asked our writers for their input on Candy Corn, the divisive sugar triangle!

Love it:

How could you not love Candy Corn? Brach’s Candy Corn is too good not to eat. What candy is more aesthetically pleasing than candy corn? I’ll wait.

Not only is it super sweet but it’s the perfect Halloween treat. It has a waxy texture, sure, but it’s so unique that it’s totally worth it. I don’t know about you, but Halloween always makes me want to eat candy until I feel sick and Candy Corn is perfect for that Hallow-festive stomach ache.

You simply can’t celebrate Halloween without at least eating a handful of candy corn or candy pumpkins! The purpose of Halloween is to eat as many sugary treats as possible. Candy corn does the trick!


Leave it:

Candy corn is like waxy sugar. While symbolic of the holiday, it’s the Halloween equivalent of those chalky hearts on Valentine’s Day. With so many other tasty treats, no one actually eats the candy corn just like no one actually eats those chalky hearts.

Candy corn is way too sweet and, if eaten in large quantities, the sugar goes straight to the head. My roommate bought a whole bag of candy corn and ate them one after the other without stopping. She finished the 40-ounce bag in less than two days, but I couldn’t handle having another piece of the candy after trying the first. Candy corn is highly based on preference and, though it may be a Halloween special, I would definitely leave it!


How do you feel about Halloween's most controversial candy?