Campus Cutie Update: Yaffa Stone

Name: Yaffa Stone

Major: Political Science and Economics with a History minor

Class: 2018

Reference Article: About a year ago!


So you were a campus cutie last year. What are you up to now?

I’m currently in two fellowships: the Eagleton Fellowship and the Gardner Fellowship. I’m also getting married in the summer!


What is the Eagleton Fellowship like?

It’s really interesting. The class is geared toward politics as theory but also applying that theory in practice. Sometimes we run simulations like the Constitution Café where we had to rewrite the preamble of the Constitution as if we were trying to pass it.

Everyone in the class is really smart and involved. Professor Maddow splits us up into small groups so it’s easier to get to know everyone and have really meaningful discussions.


Is planning your wedding stressful?

In some ways, yes. I had to convince my parents that getting married wouldn’t impact my academics. I expect it will be pretty much the same as now. I’ll just be married.

Time management has also been interesting. I have to plan the wedding, and look for dresses, all on top of managing my classes as usual.

In some ways, it’s not too stressful though. I know that I’m marrying the right person and I’ll still be in college.

But it’s also very exciting! And I know that my friends and family are excited too, which makes everything a little easier.


What’s it like being President of Kol Halayla?

Well for anyone who doesn't know, Kol Halayla is Rutgers' premier Jewish a cappella group. It’s really nice to see people excited about singing together and it's fun when everyone is engaged in what we’re doing and happy to be there. We actually have our annual spring concert coming up! It’s April 22nd at 9:30pm in the Academic Building room 2125. The concert will also feature two other a cappella groups: Muhlenberg’s Chaimonics and Brandice’s Manginah. Find us on Facebook for more information!


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Probably mind reading. I think it would be cool to know what people are thinking, but not in a weird way. More like being able to what what people mean when they say something to avoid misunderstandings.