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Campus Cutie: Elizabeth O’Brien

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Meet Rutgers’ Campus Cutie of the week: Elizabeth O’Brien! Liz is a freshman in the SAS Honors Program, a member of SCREAM theater and a huge animal lover!

Name: Elizabeth (Liz) O’Brien
Hometown: Haddonfield, New Jersey
Major/Minor: Psychology/Cultural Anthropology & Spanish
Relationship Status: Taken

What are some of your favorite things to do around campus?
I love checking out the different restaurants on Easton. I like sitting at Vorhees Mall on Douglass and studying. It really helps me focus!

What brought you to Rutgers, New Brunswick?
It just made the most sense for me in terms of price and location. I also came for the research opportunities in the Psychology Department.

What is your favorite organization to participate in on campus and why?
WRSU Radio Station is my favorite organization because I really love listening to music. I also think it’s really cool to be able to be involved with a radio station on campus because I normally wouldn’t have that type of opportunity.


What is the best thing you’ve ever done or your favorite place you’ve ever been?
My favorite place I’ve ever been is the Sacred Valley in Peru. My favorite thing I’ve ever done is crowd surf at my first concert ever: Cold War Kids and Capital Cities!

We understand you really love your dog. Could you tell us a little about him?
YES! My dog is a bichon-poo. He is really cute! He is curly and gray with a little white beard. He is also blind and diabetic, but still the happiest dog I know. He never lets his blindness stop him from greeting everyone and causing trouble!

Do you have any fun facts you could tell us?
Actually, I am a burrito rolling expert because I work at Chipotle when I’m home!

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Faith attends Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where she plans to major in Psychology and minor in Philosophy and Criminology.  Faith enjoys writing and traveling. She loves cats, books, and the color blue. In the future, Faith would like to attend law school.