Breaking The Stigma Behind The DivaCup

I tried the DivaCup and it was diva-licious! As a female, it’s always important to be informed about your body and purchases that might improve your monthly experience as a woman. So here’s my breakdown on possibly the best investment for your menstrual health that you can make as a female.


At first, when I saw the DivaCup, I was definitely scared and a bit intrigued. I opened the box and pulled out the silicone cup that was about the size of a shot glass with a tiny little plunger on the bottom and stared at it in confusion.

“Which side do I put in? How does this shot glass contraption work? Where are these instructions? Oh, there’s diagrams...thank goodness, let’s get this!”


I sat down on the side of the tub, reading through the instructions as if I were reading a lab manual. The good news was, the DivaCup instructions were much easier than Organic Chemistry and so was the process. So here’s some background and a few steps to read before you could be on your way to saving time and money each month with your new shot glass savior.

The DivaCup is a menstrual cup that can be worn inside similar to a tampon, but without drying out your ’blossoming orchid’ or messing with your PH levels. Just like flowers need to be tended and cared for, so does your menstrual cup. The tiny cup can also be rinsed and reused for up to a year before suggested replacement. Make sure to follow these steps to make your experience during your period pleasant and effortless.


Step 1: Always wash your hands before use.

Step 2: Open the box, take out the DivaCup, and wash it in hot water and mild, water-based gentle soap (oil-free and unscented soap is preferred) for 5 minutes. You can even do this in the shower, just make sure there are no suds left.

Step 3: Fold the DivaCup with your index finger in the center, press the sides together in a burrito motion. It should form a U shape.

Step 4: Wet the DivaCup for easy insertion, refold if necessary, and make sure the pole is facing away from you. Bend down into a squat, relax, and put the cup inside with a tiny bit of force but still gentle.

Step 5: Make sure you’re secure. Gently twist and rotate the plunger or pole (whatever you want to call it) to make sure the cup is open inside. Pull down a little to be a little more comfortable and then you’re done! #PowerOfThePussy


The removal is easier. Just squat again, push out the cup pole like you’re peeing and pull out the cup gently. Dump the contents of the cup and wash! Reinsert using the steps above. The DivaCup can be kept in for 8-12 hours at a time without leaking (I recommend 6 hours and washing thoroughly after use). At the end of your cycle, sanitize the cup further with boiling water in a disposable container for 5 minutes to make sure your cup is fresh and squeaky clean for the next use.

The best part of the DivaCup is no one has to know!


The DivaCup is more than a shot glass savior, it’s also empowering for women. And as we all know women uplift economies.

Every month, millions of girls, especially in third world countries miss school or even drop out because they don’t have access to the resources and products necessary to balance their period and stay in class for hours at time. It becomes too costly, overwhelming, and embarrassing for these young girls who are faced with stigma and discrimination during their periods.

According to Global Citizen, “Without access to proper education, resources, girls are often forced to stay home from school during their periods, which leads them to miss anywhere from 10-20% of school days. Sometimes, they drop out of school completely. UNICEF has estimated that roughly 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school because of their periods each year. Often, the cost of sanitary products for girls is simply too high, forcing them to skip school to tend to their bleeding. In some countries, like Malawi, sanitary pads can cost the equivalent of an entire day’s salary. In Kenya, two-thirds of women and girls can’t afford sanitary pads, The Guardian has reported."

The DivaCup costs $20-40, lasting up to 12 hours each use while re-washing the cup twice a day, and can save you $150 dollars worth of pads and tampons per year when compared. Are you convinced yet? If not, do some more research through these helpful links: